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123BigBags is your specialist for bulk bags. We offer delivery throughout all of Europe, without minimum order quantity required for products in stock - a unique service on the European market. Products are dispatched from our warehouse in Amsterdam. We dispatch your order as a parcel or as a pallet, depending on the amount of bags ordered. Delivery fees are calculated based on the weight, the volume and the destination of the delivery. 

Each bulk bag has a different weight which varies depending on size and fabric of the bag. The weight of a standard bulk bag is between 0.5kg for smaller bulk bags and around 2kg for 90x90x110 bulk bags.

Calculate your shipping costs

Delivery type (as a parcel or as a pallet) as well as the shipping costs are calculated automatically at the checkout for all products in your cart. Calculating your shipping costs is completely free and not binding until you submit your order and works as follows:

  • 1 Add all articles to the shopping cart 
  • Proceed to checkout & enter your postcode
  • Shipping costs are calculated instantly

Shipping Costs Big Bags






Shipping Costs Parcels

For orders with a total weight of up to 120kgs, delivery is made as a parcel. Shipping costs for parcels vary from one country to another. Below you can see a summary of the shipping costs for parcels for our top-selling destinations: UK, Ireland, Sweden, Spain and Italy. Information on shipping costs in this table are approximate values and is subject to change. If your country is not listed below or if you would like to know the exact current shipping costs, use the shipping costs calculator at the checkout explained above. 

    Shipping costs: Weight/Destination UK Ireland Sweden Spain Italy
    Up to 30kg (approx 15 to 20 big bags) € 9.84 € 16.98 € 20.06 € 18.04 € 14.58
    31kg to 60kg € 19.68 € 33.95 € 40.13 € 35.08          € 28,16        
    61kg to 90kg € 29.52 € 50.93 € 60.19 € 52.12 € 41.74
    91kg to 120kg € 39.36 € 67.90 € 79.25 € 69.16 € 55.32
    From 120kg            Pallet                       Pallet                      Pallet                      Pallet           Pallet


Shipping Costs Pallets

Shipping costs for pallets also depend on the amount of bags ordered and their unit weight. In order to provide our customers with the best price, prices for pallet shipment are not national but vary from one region to another. Please use our shipping costs calculator at the checkout to know your shipping costs for pallet delivery. 

Delivery times 

At 123BigBags we offer quick delivery to all of Europe. Delivery times vary from one country to another. Please check out our delivery times page for detailed information on delivery times in your region.

Any questions?

Do you have a question on delivery times, shipping costs or on our products and services? Contact us today and we are happy to help. Feel free to call us at +44 12 1368 07 22 or use our live chat for instant assistance!

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