Jute Bags

Find our Jute Bags from 123BigBags! Hessian sacks are medium sized bags made from natural, organic 100% biodegradable jute fabric. Perfect for composting! Hessian bags are ideal for carrying organic materials such as grains, potatoes, onions, carrots, topsoil, sand. Our jute bags are great for gardening, and their biodegradable fabric makes them ideal for plants and the environment. You can also use them as decoration!

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Rubble Sacks

Biodegradable Hessian Sack 30x60cm

per piece from €0.56
Hessian jute bag dimensions 30x60cm. Made from natural materials, this jute bag is 100% biodegradable. A strong jute bag of breathable materials, absorbent and without drawstrings. Ideal bag for organic waste, leafs, sand and rubble weighing up to 25kgs.
Rubble Sacks

Jute bag 100% Biodegradable - 43x65

per piece from €0.62
Jute Bag 100% Biodegradable made from natural materials. This reusable hessian bag dimensions 43x65cm can contain up to 10kg of garden waste. A strong small jute bag with breathable and absorbent properties, ideal for organic waste, sand and rubble.       
Rubble Sacks

Jute Bag 100% Biodegradable - 51x86

per piece from €0.81
The reusable hessian bag 100% Biodegradable dimensions 51x86cm can contain up to 25kg of garden waste. A very strong jute bag with breathable and absorbent properties, ideal for green waste, sand and rubble. Also perfect as potato sack race bags for kids.       
Rubble Sacks

Jute bag 60x110 -100% Biodegradable

per piece from €1.29
Hessian jute bag with dimensions of 60x110cm. Made from natural materials, this jute bag is 100% biodegradable. A strong hessian sack with breathable and absorbent properties. The ideal bag for organic waste, leaves, sand and rubble weighing up to 50kgs.


What type of Jute bags will you find in 123BigBags?

Our Hessian bags are extremely environmentally friendly! Jute bags are made from natural, organic and 100% biodegradable jute fabric, which makes them ideal for composting and for gardening or farming activities. Transport, store, dispose and compost up to 50kgs of materials with our environmentally friendly Jute bag! You can use them in your farm for carrying potatoes, onions, carrots, topsoil, sand, etc. Our Hessian sacks are not limited to farming! You can also use them in your gardening activities to collect leaves, sticks, wood and every kind of residue that may occur in gardening activities. You can also use our small jute bags for plants, topsoil and composting! Their 100% biodegradable jute fabric makes our small hessian bag ideal for eco-friendly activities. Hessian bags are not limited to these uses, they can also be used as decoration and landscaping!

For what industries are our Hessian Bags suitable?

Gardening industry

Our Hessian Sacks are ideal for the gardening industry or for any kind of gardening activities! Their 100% biodegradable jute fabric makes them great for composting and for working in an eco-friendly environment. They can carry soil, sand, leaves, sticks, wood or any type of material that is related to gardening.

Farming Industry

In every farm you will find a large number of small jute bags! This is because they are ideal for carrying organic materials and vegetables/fruits. You can use them for carrying potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. They are also biodegradable which makes them a cleaner and environment friendly choice!

Personal Use

Hessian bags are not limited to large industries! You will find a lot of uses for our jute bag as a private. They are great for working in the garden, for decoration and for comporting! Here in 123BigBags, we have no minimum order quantity, which makes our bags accessible to individuals that need bags for home use.

Other names for Jute Bags are:

The industry is full of synonyms! You will find our Jute Bags also named as Hessian Sacks, Hessian Bags, Small Jute Bags, Hessian Sand Bags, Small Hessian Bag, etc.

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