Reusable Big Bags

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Find our reusable big bags here. Most Big Bags are made for single use, but BigBags from 123BigBags are reusable. Thanks to the 6: 1 security factor, you can use them multiple times.
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Reusable bags from 123Bigbags

The extensive construction market requires special products that will be targeted directly at this particular segment. The construction industry uses different types of materials and also produces many types of waste that should be stored and transported in appropriate bags in such a way as to facilitate work. The strength of the material from which they are made is a key factor here. 123Bigbags meet your expectations and provide unique products in high quality.
There are polypropylene BigBags that are made as reusable big bags. The safety factor of these BigBags is 6:1, which means that the material can withstand six times their rated safe load. The bags should not be filled above their maximum load capacity to avoid dangerous situations. By following the recommendations you will make your work easier.
In the construction industry, reusable bags can reduce operating costs. Working with huge amounts of the same materials, you can transport them using exactly same bag. As a result, costs are reduced alongside environmental impacts are reduced.
This type of Big bag is ideal for transporting heavy building materials, sand, gravel and other similar builders waste. Comfortable cross corner loops will facilitate the work with forklifts, making work with materials easier and much faster.

Durable ton bags

Bulk bags from 123Bigbags are made of very durable polypropylene material with a grammage of up to 220g / m3, which makes them extremely strong and tear-resistant. Depending on the method of use, our bags have different types of material weights that were used in their production. This product works well in every building area. Loading and handling our Big Bags is extremely simple and easy. Available in our online store in an unprinted version, as well as with our company logo.

Seatbelt loops on our bags

To increase the strength of our bags in every aspect, it was necessary to equip them with strong and durable loops made of the highest quality material. What is stronger than the material from which seat belts are made? It's hard to say, that's why our reusable big bags are equipped with four corner loops, made of the same material as the seat belts, to increase the durability of the product. Multiple lifting and transporting of the bags will not damage these loops, which extends the life of the Big bag.

Ventilated reusable Big Bags

Do you need big bags that will provide fresh air access to the materials being transported? No problem, 123BigBags offer is very wide. We also offer ventilated, reusable bags that are most commonly used when transporting and storing wood and other materials that require airflow.

In order for our reusable bags to fulfill their task, it is important to follow their their parameters. Do not transport products that weigh more than the maximum load rating stated in the specification. Handing them carefully will make them last longer. However, remember to clean and check the condition of the bag each time after usage to avoid dangerous situations.

Need an advice?

If you have questions or doubts about our reusable bags, our experts will be happy to answer any questions. Advisers are available by phone and e-mail.