Let's clean up our beaches!


Are you also bothered by all that waste on our beaches and in nature? Besides being unpleasant to look at, it is also very bad for animals that get entangled in it or eat it. In the end, it is also very bad for us humans. So it's time to take action!

At 123BigBags we know we can't change the whole world, but we can do our part. Many small contributions can have a big impact. When many people pick up the litter they come across, we can make a big step towards a cleaner world! And therefore we want to get involved in beach clean ups. 

Together against pollution

And because we can do more together than alone, we have entered into a partnership with Project Rescue Ocean.  

Project Rescue Ocean is a French international organisation founded by Benoit Schumann.Its aim is to raise awareness about the state of the coastal environment. In almost five years Project Rescue Ocean has more than 70,000 followers all over the world and thousands of participants in their beach clean ups.  

How do we contribute?

As 123BigBags we support the actions of Project Rescue Ocean by offering them jute bags with their logo on it at cost price. Besides that we are making  it possible for our customers to donate a small percentage (1,23%) of their purchase to Project Rescue Ocean. These voluntary donations give Project Rescue Ocean the means to organise and buy materials for more beach clean ups.

We are grateful for your contribution! 

“My dream is to give free bags to everyone who is organising a beach clean-up. We want to make it easy to create a cleaner world! ”

- Krijn Degenkamp, founder of 123BigBags

“Together we can change mindsets. Less talking, more action!”

- Benoit Schumann, founder of Project Rescue Ocean

We are pleased to see that more and more individuals and companies are organising actions to clean up waste in nature. There are big international events to participate in such as the World Beach Cleanup day on September 18 but also national or local cleanup events. Do you want to organise a beach clean up yourself or do you do plogging? Check out our webshop for handy materials for picking up waste.