Rubble Sacks

Find the perfect rubble sacks for your needs. Extra resistant bags, woven polypropylene or LPDE, used in various industries they are suitable for heavy waste as well as lighter materials. Find different sizes and models on our online webshop

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Fully ventilated big bag...
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£16.22 per piece from £4.87
This ventilated big bag for packing wood and logs is fitted with large 30cm tipping loops at the base allowing the bag to be emptied easily for reuse.
per piece from £2.60
These woven sandbags, already filled with sand, are excellent to use in case of floodings or prevention. The standard sand bag is not UV stabilised. The empty sandbag measures 33x75cm, but is delivered filled up 2/3rds with sand.
per piece from £3.00
These Hessian sandbags measuring 33x75cm are filled 2/3rds full with sand. Ideal to be used as sand bags for flooding and weighting down temporary road signs.
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per piece from £2.72
This black heavy-duty woven polypropylene sandbag is excellent for flood prevention. The sand sack is 33x75cm and filled 2/3rds full with sand. The ultraviolet treatment helps extend the life of the sand bag when exposed to sunlight. The tie string at the mouth makes them easy to close when being filled.
per piece from £3.36
These Hessian sandbags with dimensions 36x84cm are filled 2/3rds full with sand. The sand sacks are used as an excellent flood defence and prevention solution.
Rubble Bag for Rock Wool Rubble Bag for Rock Wool 2
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Rubble Sacks

Rubble bag for rock wool - 700L (140x220cm)

£10.95 per piece from £2.74
Rock wool and glass wool in dimensions of 140x220 cm, perfect for large amounts of waste containing mineral wool fibers. Equipped with a cord, this glass wool bag can be easily closed after filling. It is 100% dustproof thanks to coated polypropylene fabric.

Rubble Sacks

Rubble sackRubble sacks are reliable and tear-proof waste bags for any sort of refuse produced in the construction industry. Our product range includes various sizes of rubble sacks suitable for heavy materials. Rubble sacks at 123BigBags are made of polypropylene, an extra strong and high-quality material for high resistance and great durability. Whether for paper and plastic or for heavy waste and tiles, rubble sacks are ideal for heavy duty jobs. Our standard product range includes various rubble sacks in different sizes and with different product specifications. Which bag best suits your project, depends on the sort of product you intend to put into the sack.

Woven Polypropylene Rubble Sacks

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic macro-molecule (polymer) used in a variety of products and components such as packaging materials. In the building industry, polypropylene is widely used in rubble sacks thanks to the numerous advantages that polypropylene has over similar materials. The key merits of polypropylene builders' rubble bags are the great strength and good fatigue resistance of the material making the rubble sacks very tearproof. Furthermore, polypropylene is known to be highly resistant to chemicals and moisture, which makes it very popular in the building industry. Polypropylene sacks are ideal for heavy building materials such as bricks, stones and tiles.

Woven Polypropylene Rubble Sacks at 123BigBags:

LDPE Rubble Sacks

LDPE (Low Density Polypethylene) has been used commercially since the 20th century. LDPE is a thermoplastic which, like polypropylene, is widely used in various industries, such as construction and packaging. The main advantages of low density polyethylene in rubble sacks are its high impact and moisture resistances, which make LDPE rubble bags ideal for moist sand and waste after rainfalls etc. LDPE rubble sacks at 123BigBags are made of 150mµ fabric, resulting in tearproof and impervious bags suitable for heavy waste with sharp edges such as glass and tiles.

LDPE Rubble Sacks at 123BigBags:

  • LDPE Rubble Sack 
    Size: 50x75cm, capacity of 50 litres, ideal for heavy building trash

Buy your rubble sacks online through our online shop. Complete our easy order procedure in only a few steps, without registration being required. Speedy delivery throughout all of Europe!

Rubble Sacks with Print

Looking for a rubble sack with print? In addition to unprinted rubble sacks we also deliver rubble sacks in the 123BigBags-Style. You can also order rubble sacks with your own print. Choose a print of up to 4 colors and let us know the dimensions of your logo, together with the number of sides you wish it to be printed on. Request a quote today and order printed rubble sacks at 123BigBags.

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