Bulk Bags:

Bulk Bags

Order Bulk Bags Online

123BigBags is your specialist in builders' bags with delivery available throughout all of the UK. Our online shop for builders' bags for the construction industry has a quick and easy order procedure. Whether you are a large building company or a hobby builder, 123BigBags has the right bulk bag for you, with no minimum order quantity required for products in stock.

From the conventional open top flat base, circular woven bulk bags (equipped with cross corner loops), tunnel lift bags, stone bags to log bags - at 123BigBags you can find the perfect bulk bag for any project. In addition to bulk bags, our product range also includes asbestos bags, rubble bags and tarpaulins.

Our products are manufactured in our ISO-9001 certified production plants in Europe and Asia and are subject to European quality standards and regular quality control checks. Our products are stored in a warehouse next to the famous harbor of Rotterdam, from where they are shipped throughout all of Europe.

65x65x65 Bag

Extra Large Bags

123BigBags Offers a large selection, not only in type of bulk bag, but also in size. Our huge catalog of bags ranges in size from our small but strong 65x65x65 Heavy duty Bag with a SWL of over a ton, all the way up to our massive Asbestos Wast Bags with a volue of 17.5m cubed.

Buy Builders Bags Online

123BigBags is one of the first names in the building industry to offer the sale of  builders bags online with no minimum order quantity. This unique approach results in an easy, safe and convenient experience for our customers who love Bulk Bags at low prices with fast delivery times.

Builders Bags Store

Big Bag Store

123BigBags’ online Builders Bag Shop is perfect for builders and construction professionals who spend time much of their time on the road. With our mobile friendly web shop you can buy bulk bags anywhere with the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Over 50 Models of Bulk bags available

More than 50 Models

123BigBags is the number 1 stop for all your bulk bag needs, we are the UK’s best Builders Bag Shop with the largest product selection and lowest prices. We also offer unparalleled customer support. Are you asking yourself: What builders bag do I need? How strong are bulk bags? Or how big are bulk bags? Give us a call on 012 1368 0722 or use our contact form and our friendly and helpful experts will do their best to answer you questions.

Your choice of builders bag should be a well considered decision because we recomend different bags depending on what you plan to store or transport. For example, a Builders bag with a spout is recommended for easy emptying of fine-grained materials, while we recommend a Moisture-proof bulk bag for materials which contain dampness. If we do not have the perfect bag for you, contact us and we can have it custom made.

Your Bulk Bags Experts

123BigBags are your construction and recycling Bulk Bags Experts. Our bulk bags are made of high quality materials using tested construction methods. All of our bulk bags are regularly tested to ensure their safety specifications, set out on the product pages, are accurate. Our strongest builders bag has a safe working load of 2 tons.

Bulk bags for Construction Experts and DIY Enthusiasts Alike

Whether you are a huge construction company looking to order thousands of bags or are just looking to do some gardening, here at 123BigBags we have the service for you! Bulk bags are ideal for the transport of a number of goods and are much cheaper than the more expensive alternatives such as skips. Thanks to 123BigBags’ no minimum order policy everybody can enjoy the benefits of bulk bags.

Bulk Bags with Logo

Printed Bulk Bags

In addition to the conventional unprinted builders' bags and those in the 123BigBags-Design with orange print, we specialize in printed bulk bags. We print bulk bags with your individual logo in up to four colors. High quality bulk bags with print at the best price, delivery starting from 3 weeks! Learn more about Printed Bulk Bags.

Our product range is comprised of various sorts of builders' bags in different sizes and with different extras, such as a discharge spout or a top skirt. We also offer tailor-made bulk bags, manufactured according to your individual requirements. Whether you need dust-proof bulk bags, coated fabric or you simply prefer different dimensions - 123BigBags manufactures your perfect bulk bags, delivered directly to your premises.

Custom-made builders' bags at a low price, with or without print, starting from 1 pallet.Request a quote today and our experts will contact you to discuss your individual design with you. We are unique on the European market by delivering printed big bags within 3 weeks!

Glass Wool Bags

Mineral Wool Bag

Removing mineral wool (such as glass wool or rock wool) might result into health risks if no safety measures are taken. Substances like mineral wool fibers which occur during removal of glass wool, are suspected to cause cancer when penetrating to the human lungs. While countries like Germany have obliged companies to use dust-proof bags to remove mineral wool, the use of the latest has been increasing over the past years. At 123BigBags we offer various sizes of bulk bags designed for glass wool. These bags are 100% dust-proof, come with a warning label on mineral fibers and can be closed after filling. Choose between our bulk bag for glass-wool for small amounts of glass wool of up to one cubic meter. For larger amounts, we have introduced a large mineral-wool bag with two loops for convenient handling.

Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Bulk Bag

Asbestos bags from 123BigBags are available in different sizes. Which type of asbestos bag is the best for you depends mainly on the amount of asbestos being removed. Our asbestos rubble bag is ideal for very small amounts of asbestos. For larger pieces containing asbestos we offer asbestos bulk bags with a capacity of one cubic meter. Should you have roof tiles containing asbestos to be removed, we recommend our asbestos sheet bag. Large amounts of asbestos can be easily removed in our asbestos container bag which fits perfectly in a 20 yard skip. All our asbestos bags are tear-proof and resistant, manufactured according to EU legislation.

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