For a long time, going to the beach was a pleasant experience : having a nice time, laying on your towel, sun-bathing, diving into deep blue water… Nowadays, more and more natural beaches are polluted. To find a nice spot to put your towel, you sometimes need to walk for a while, weaving through plastic bags, bottles, cigarettes and others. The conclusion is alarming: too many natural sites suffer from this pollution.

If you didn’t realise yet how bad beach pollution has evolved in the past few years, imagine how much the plastic production has increased. And if you still can’t imagine it, then we can give you a clue : it is terrible. To help fight the pollution, there is no such thing as a small gesture. Picking up the rubbish polluting any natural places is already a big step towards a cleaner world.

And a cleaner world, that’s what we want. At 123BigBags, our motto is “making it easy to create a cleaner world!”

Based on that, naturally, beach clean-ups are something we want to get involved in. Apart from the classic recycling of construction waste in which we have been involved for several years, we also want to raise awareness about the pollution of the beaches. With our webshop, we offer articles adapted to beach clean-ups (waste collection bags, picking sticks, jute bags...)

But that's not all. For a few years now, we have been working with the association Project Rescue Ocean. This year, we took a leap and joined forces with them.

Our partnership

Together against the pollution!

To support this great cause, we decided to start a partnership with PRO. We want to give them a hand with their beach clean-ups and to do so, we are offering them the production of jute bags with their logo at the lowest cost price possible. But that’s not all. We are also planning on launching multiple campaigns all along next year to help raise as much funds as possible for them.

“ Since I founded the company, I wanted to give the world something back when we start to make profit. Now it is time. My dream is to give free bags to everyone who is organising a beach clean-up. To start now, we are investing in PRO with a whole new partnership. We want to make it easy to create a cleaner world! ”

- Krijn Degenkamp, founder of 123BigBags.

Our Commitment

Starting now - we are offering the possibility to every customer to donate 1,23% of the amount of their order to help them too. Of course this isn’t mandatory, and we understand that not everyone will be able to donate. But we appreciate and want to thank everyone who will. And if you couldn’t donate… No pressure! Maybe next time :)

Together against pollution

A Growing Threat

Waste can be found more than 10km from the coast and up to 40m deep. Did you imagine that waste could be found in the middle of an ocean, so far from land ? If not, try to imagine what plastic fragments could do if ingested by marine creatures a disaster. Pollution is not only ruining nice landscapes and water, but it is mostly representing a danger to a lot of underwater species. That’s why it is in our hands to react, and try to make a cleaner world.

Among all the other environmental problems, pollution continues to increase while the effects of global warming are becoming more and more alarming. To help clean our planet, there is no small action. From picking up a small cigarette butt to a plastic bag, going through bottles and many others. That’s what PRO tries to make us understand.

Who are they ?

“ Together we can change mindsets. Less talk, more action. ”

How it started: The association was founded by Benoit Schumann. Everything started with just a Facebook page, created to draw attention to the negative impact of pollution in natural sites. Some local actions were then organised with volunteers. As time went by, more and more volunteers joined and the association was created to become the name associated with beach clean-ups as we know it today.

"We were a group of friends on the beach. Looking around us, we discussed the subject of beach pollution. After a shout from me, I joked and said "you'll see one day I'll start an association and I'll call it PROJECT RESCUE OCEAN! " My friends laughed at me... But this idea of creating an association and making things happen remained in me: complaining or criticising the current situation has never helped the established order. It was decided that I had to act: Project Rescue Ocean was born.”

“So I started by filming my dives and the rubbish I collected with a small onboard camera. Without telling anyone, I published them on a Facebook page that I named: "PROJECT RESCUE OCEAN".”

“In the process, hundreds of people followed my videos and posts, reaching a thousand subscribers! I didn't expect such a response at all. I then put all this work into practice by creating a real association, while keeping the initial name. In two years, more than 6000 people have subscribed to the page, not to mention Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube subscribers.”

And now ?

With hundreds of volunteers, Project Rescue Ocean already proceeded to 126 pollution clean-up operations in France, 101 actions around the world, and all of that by sensitising more than 7.000 children all over the world. Check their website if you want to know more, or join them!

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