Sand Bags filled

Our filled sand bags are the perfect solution to help prevent flooding or to immobilise road signs. The sandbags are filled up to 2/3rd with sand. We deliver these pre-filled polypropylene sandbags on a pallet.

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per piece from £2.60
These woven sandbags, already filled with sand, are excellent to use in case of floodings or prevention. The standard sand bag is not UV stabilised. The empty sandbag measures 33x75cm, but is delivered filled up 2/3rds with sand.
per piece from £3.00
These Hessian sandbags measuring 33x75cm are filled 2/3rds full with sand. Ideal to be used as sand bags for flooding and weighting down temporary road signs.
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per piece from £2.72
This black heavy-duty woven polypropylene sandbag is excellent for flood prevention. The sand sack is 33x75cm and filled 2/3rds full with sand. The ultraviolet treatment helps extend the life of the sand bag when exposed to sunlight. The tie string at the mouth makes them easy to close when being filled.
per piece from £3.36
These Hessian sandbags with dimensions 36x84cm are filled 2/3rds full with sand. The sand sacks are used as an excellent flood defence and prevention solution.

Our pre-filled sandbags will not seal out water entirely. Sandbags alone should not be relied on to keep water outside a building. The 123BigBags sand bags will be delivered on pallet.

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