Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks

rubble heavy dutyHeavy Duty Rubble Bags

We Sell Heavy Duty Rubble Bags and Sacks. The words heavy duty get used a lot in the bag industry. This is because it does not really mean anything, there is no test or certificate to show if a bag is heavy duty or not. This has resulted in a large number of companies calling their normal, average rubble bags “Heavy Duty”. Here at 123bigbags we can confidently say, by anybody's definition, all our bags are “Heavy Duty”. With some of our rubble bags able to Safely Hold Up To 50Kg there is no question about it.

I Want 100 Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks

We have thousands of rubble bags in stock in many different varieties to suite any of your needs. Often builders want rubble bags in large quantities to help transport and dispose waste on building sites. This is a need we can fulfill easily. Our bags are specifically designed to carry rubble and other heavy materials.

Woven Rubble Sacks

Within our extensive collection of rubble sacks we have some Woven Polyethylene Bags. These bags are constructed using strips of polyethylene which are then woven into a strong mesh structure. Many people prefer woven rubble sacks because of their increased strength and durability.

Heavy duty Clear Rubble Sacks

Another popular style of heavy duty rubble sack is the Clear Variant. This type of rubble sack is very useful for all kinds of building activities. The bag´s see-through fabric allows the user to see directly into the bag without having to open it. The ability to see the contents of a bag could be important for any number of reasons. This quality will likely save time on a busy building site. Also because of the nature of the material used in the construction of this bag, it will contain moisture. This can be useful when storing or transporting damp materials such as wet sand or soil.

Builders Rubble Sacks

The majority of our heavy duty rubble sacks are used by builders. However there are many other industries that benefit from the strength and flexibility of a strong bag. There is a vast list of materials and products that can be carried by our builders bags, this makes them one of the most useful products in our website.

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