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Log Bags

All prices are exlusive of VAT and transport costs.

Big Bags specially designed for logs: ventilated bags that allow air to circulate and allow the logs to dry. Ideal for storing and transporting your firewood, many different models and sizes of log bags on our website.
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Big Builders Tonne bag (90x90x90)

Amount per pallet 410

From Price £2.26 Per piece
Empty Ventilated Log Bag with Bottom Loops...

Amount per pallet 200

From Price £6.02 Per piece
Jute bag 60x110cm (100% Biodegradable)

Amount per pallet 1000

From Price £0.82 Per piece
Empty Vented Log Bag (90x90x110)

Amount per pallet 200

From Price £5.20 Per piece
Empty Vented Log Bag with Bottom Skirt (90x90x130)

Amount per pallet 200

Amount per pallet 180

From Price £7.66 Per piece
Empty Mosquito Vented Log Bag (90x90x90)

Amount per pallet 250

From Price £5.66 Per piece
Jute bag with cord 30x60cm (100% Biodegradable)

Amount per pallet 4000

From Price £0.43 Per piece

Log Bagslog ventilated bag

Log Bags at 123bigbags are very popular. We have designed them for the storage and transport of wood and firewood. Like many other materials you have to store and transport logs. for this you could use builders bulk bags. but wood has certain properties that need specific modifications. Log bags look like normal builders bulk bags yet there are some key Additions:

  • Mosquito netting or ventilation panels
  • Sometimes bottom loops.

Log Bags with Ventilation Panels or Mosquito Netting

Generally speaking there are very few uses for damp or wet wood, for most processes it is ideal for the logs to be dry. This is a problem for anybody that deals with the log production process. This is because wood holds a lot of moisture which it is quick to absorb and slow to release. This means of transport or storage, which aids in the drying process has a significant advantage. Builders log bags with either mosquito netting or ventilation panels are useful. This is because they do not trap the moisture, instead they allow it to evaporate speeding up the drying process.

Ventilation Panels Vs. Mosquito Netting

We have chosen to only supply bulk bags with ventilation panels. We have done because of strength and shape.

Ventilation panels are stronger than mosquito netting. When tested the breaking point of mosquito netted bags is often the netting itself. By using panels we can provide stronger and safer bags. Often manufacturers of mosquito netted bags will only apply it to 2 sides. This results in a stronger bag but it sacrifices its ventilation properties. We can apply ventilation panels to all four sides of a bag without sacrificing strength.

A vented log bag maintains its shape better than one with mosquito netting. Often a bag with mosquito netting will bulge after you fill it. This makes storage and transport calculations complicated and unpredictable. A vented bag will still bulge but less and in a more predictable fashion.

Log Bags for sale

We sell two types of log bags, one of 90x90x110cm and one of 100x100x150cm, a medium and large size. The medium size bag has a capacity 1m³ and the large bag can hold up to 1.5m³. The larger log bag also as bottom loops to aid in the emptying of the bag. Both bags have a safe working load of 1.5 tonns