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Big Bags specially designed for wood: ventilated bags that allow air to circulate and allow the logs to dry. Ideal for storing and transporting your firewood. Several different models and sizes.
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Our ventilated big bags are very popular with individuals and professionals who wish to store and transport their firewood and logs. We have designed these Big Bags especially for the storage and transport of wood. Wood storage requires special conditions, unlike rubble and other construction waste, it is preferable to store wood in breathable bags to dry it. Our wooden big bags are very similar to the big bags used for construction except for a few important details:

-Mosquito net or ventilation panel fabric
-For some models: emptying straps or unloading skirt

Wet or humid wood has very little use, so in the vast majority of cases it is important that the wood is dry. This is a problem faced by everyone who uses firewood or stores logs: wood retains a lot of moisture, absorbs it quickly and releases it slowly. A means of transport or storage that facilitates the wood drying process has an important advantage. Big bags with ventilation panels or mosquito nets are therefore very useful because they do not retain moisture but let it evaporate, which speeds up the drying process.

Bag for wood: Ventilation panels vs. mosquito net

We have chosen the ventilation panel option for the majority of our models for reasons of strength and shape. Ventilation panels are more resistant than screens. Indeed, during our tests on bags, when the bags break it is usually at the level of the mosquito net itself, it makes the bag more fragile. By using ventilation panels, we are able to provide you with stronger and safer bags. The mosquito net is used for only two of the four sides of the big bag, which causes it to lose its ventilation capacity. On the contrary, the ventilation panels are used on all four sides of our bags without losing their strength. In addition, a ventilated panel bag keeps its shape better than a bag with a mosquito net; the latter will swell when you fill it. This makes storage and transport calculations more complicated and unpredictable. A ventilated bag will also enlarge but less and more predictably.

Jute Bags

In this category you will find our models of jute bags. Indeed, the latter offer an excellent ecological solution for wood storage: jute fabric is a breathable fabric that also has a slight absorption capacity, it extracts moisture from the wood still wet so that it dries quickly and can be used in your home.

Firewood Bags for sale

We sell several types of ventilated big bags for wood, a standard 90x90x110cm but also larger bags of 100x100x130cm (with an unloading skirt) or 100x100x150cm, the latter with discharge straps sewn at the bottom of the bag for easy turning and emptying. The maximum useful load (CMU) of these bags is 1500kg, for the bag with "mosquito net" it is 1000kg.