Form Stable Bags

Formstable bulk bags are also known as Q-bags. One of the most efficient bulk bags we have in our portfolio. Not only because of their height but most importantly because they stay square after filling the bulk bags.

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Have more than 25% with formstable bags

If you're looking for a way to reduce your transport costs, consider using formstable bulk bags. These bulk bags are also called Q-bags. These bags are made with a baffle inside the bag that holds the bag square. In this article, we'll show you how formstable bulk bags can save you more than 25% on your packaging costs.

How formstable bulk bags work

Formstable bulk bags are designed to stay in shape. This means that they will not have the “belly” effect where bags get 10% more volume because they get a round shape. Our formstable bags stay square. In a world with straight containers, straight warehouse walls, straight lorries we love to carry square things (bags). Besides, sometimes it can be a big hassle to unload standard bulk bags which were put next to each other. Our Q-bags just unload faster when they are not touching each side against each other. Try it and you will see the difference.

Baffle bags

A formstable bulk bag is often called a baffle bag because the baffle is the fabric that holds the corners into a square. We often use standard baffles with holes in it to make sure we can still fill the sides. Sometimes and mainly for powders or light material we use Nett baffles made from a cord. Both are good alternatives. 123BigBags offers standard baffles but if you like to make custom bags with nett baffles we can make these for you.

Advantages of Q-bags:

  • Form-stable
  • Can stay inside your pallet dimensions.
  • Supplied with or without a liner
  • Available with or without coating
  • Available baffles: standard and cord (net baffles)
  • Various filling and discharging options
  • Optimisation of your container loading
  • Save more than 25% on your load.

How to choose the right formstable bulk bag?

Most of the time you will find standard form stable bulk bags with standard loops in stock. 123BigBags offers these in three variations:

  • 1,3 m³
  • 2,0 m³
  • 2,4 m³

Our bags don’t have liner but are made of laminated fabric to protect your goods from moisture and dust. All bags have a filling spout and emptying spout. See for more specifications the product page. If you can’t find what you are looking for, consider asking us to make your own custom formstable bag. In the past we made many formstable bags for our customers so we can also do this for you.

If you wish to have different loops, bigger diameter filling spout, extra dust seams to prevent the leaking for your goods. 123BigBags is the right partner. Please go to our custom page and fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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