PP & LDPE Rubble Sacks

Find the perfect woven polypropylene bags for your needs at 123BigBags! In our online shop you will find extra strong bags, such as our woven polypropylene sacks, our PP bags and woven sacks. Polypropylene sacks are used in various industries such as the construction industry, the gardening industry, etc. Suitable for light and heavy materials with sharp edges. Different sizes and models in our online shop!

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Different types of polypropylene sacks

Our PP rubble sacks are reliable and tear-resistant bags for any type of waste produced in the construction industry and in various other industries. Our product range includes various sizes of woven polypropylene rubble sacks and rubble bags suitable for light and heavy materials with sharp edges. The rubble sacks at 123BigBags are made of polypropylene, an extra strong and high quality material to ensure high strength and durability. Whether for paper and plastic or for heavy and sharp debris, our woven rubble sacks are ideal for heavy duty work. Our standard product range includes various woven sacks in different sizes and with different specifications. Which rubble sack best suits your project depends on the type of product you are going to put in the sack.

What industries are our woven polypropylene sacks useful for?

Construction industry

Our woven polypropylene bags are very popular in the construction industry, as they are used to transport, store and dispose of materials and waste that occur as a result of the work involved in this industry.

Gardening Industry

Our pp bags are very popular for the gardening industry. Our woven polypropylene sacks are the perfect tool for disposing of branches, soil, leaves or for transporting all kinds of tools you may need when working in the garden.


Many of our customers are indeed private individuals! Our woven polypropylene bags are very useful for all kinds of household work that generates light or heavy waste. You can use our woven polypropylene bag for your garden work, for home renovations, etc. At 123BigBags we have no minimum order quantity!

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How to place an order?

At 123BigBags we are committed to providing our customers with a friendly and intuitive experience when placing an order! Simply create an account with your billing address and delivery address, add the products you are interested in to the cart and proceed to the checkout! If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

Can't find what you were looking for?

If you can't find your ideal big bag in this category, check out our big bags and rubble sacks sections. This will give you an overview of all types of bags available in our online shop, with the possibility to filter by size, SWL (safe working load), volume etc. We also specialize in asbestos bags and custom bags. If the bag you are looking for is not available, we can produce custom bags for you (for orders of a pallet), please do not hesitate to contact us by chat or by email to info@123bigbags.com if you have any questions.

Why 123BigBags?

The reason is simple: here at 123BigBags we are committed to giving you the best service and quality products on the market! We have a wide variety of products and specialize in different types of Big Bags and Woven Polypropylene Sacks.

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