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Here at 123BigBags you will find diffrent sizes and volumes of big bags. We offer bags that can support from 500kg to 2000kg. Choose your perfect big bag with the right size and order it easily online. Next day delivery to the UK! read more
Builder bag Builder bag 2
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£8.59 per piece from £3.43
Tonne bag with dimensions 90x90x90cm meaning a volume capacity of 0.75m³. Suitable to carry up to 1000kgs of load. Reliable single trip bulk bag for the transport and storage of all your construction materials: sand, top soil, rubble, debris...
Tonne bag Tonne bag 2
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Big Bags

Tonne bag with smiley (80x80x80cm)

£6.37 per piece from £2.55
Ton bag in the dimensions of 80x80x80cm. Suitable for up to 1000kgs of building material. Tonne bag with a capacity of 0.75 cubic meters. A strong and reliable single trip bulk bag made for the building industry, printed version with our smiley logo.

Volume of a Bulk Bag

sand gravel pebbles bagsA bulk bag offers an endless amount of opportunities when it comes to its utility. Due to the variety of material types used in the construction, gardening and recycling industry, bulk bags have to be specifically designed for either fine, sharp, heavy, or light materials that range in mass, texture or humidity. Because of these variables, the thickness of fabric for a bulk bag appropriate for sand will differ from one meant for wood, meaning that the maximum load will also change. What remains the same for all of our bags? That each detail has been carefully thought out to ensure high quality and meet your bulk bag needs!

What kind of material do you wish to transport in a bulk bag?

  • Sand and/or gravel up to 1500 kg
  • Rocks, stones, or rubble up to 2000 kg
  • Soil up to 1000 kg
  • Mineral wool or other materials in small quantities up to 500 kg
  • 1 or more steres of firewood

Big Bag?

The term Big Bag is not self explanatory. When you read "Big Bag", you immediately think of... you guessed it, a big bag! But here at 123BigBags, we have come to the realization that a Big Bag can often times mean a small bag, a rubble bag, a roof sheet bag, etc. The term Big Bag simply indicates the fact that we are talking about a bag that is really strong. You will find a great variety in the volume of a bulk bag, and here in 123BigBags we also offer small bags. Especially amongst our DIY customers, the smaller bulk bags have become increasingly popular for everyday uses. For example, these bags make great use as garden bags for green waste. For our business customers, they are popular for projects involving soil, sand and gravelContact our team without hesitation for more information.

Builders Bags

builders bagBuilders bags are made from strong polypropylene fabric with a GSM (fabric density) of 140gr/m² or higher. They are suitable for building materials such as sand and gravel with a weight of up to 1000kg for our ton bags, a popular choice among UK construction companies. We also offer a range of builders bags with a a safety work load of 1,500kgs. 123BigBags is your specialist in builders bags for the construction market in the UK. Our high-quality builders bags are resistant and tear-proof, the perfect choice for building materials and recycling.

Popular Builders Bags: Tonne Bag 90x90x90cm | Builders Bag for 1m³ and 1.5tons | Tunnel Lift Bags

Stone Bags

Stone bagsLooking for a particularly tear-proof and strong builders bag for stones, tiles or heavy aggregates? At 123BigBags we have introduced a range of stone bags. Those bags are made of extra thick fabric with a GSM (fabric density) of 200gr/m² or more to ensure a safety work load of up to 2,000kgs. A high resistancy of the fabric together with a higher safety work load (SWL) are the main advantages of these bags. Available in two different sizes, these heavy duty bags are suitable for stones with sharp edges as well as other heavy aggregates.

Popular Stone Bags: Small Stone Bag for 1.5 tons | Large Stone Bag for 2 tons

Log Bags

Log BagLog bags are made of breathable fabric with airstripes at the four sides as well as at the base of the bags. These bags ensure the natural respiratory activity of fresh wood and firewood, grains, potatoes and similar products. To facilitate the emptying process of log bags, we have introduced a log bag with bottom loops and a log bag with bottom skirt. Fresh wood can be stored in the log bags during several months for drying procedure. Use our log bags to dry, store and resell your timber products in just one bag.

Popular Log Bags: 1m³ Log Bag | Log Bags with Bottom Loops | Log Bags with Bottom Skirt

Dumpy Bags

Big Bag RecyclingDumpy bags are very popular in the recycling and waste industries. Our dumpy bags are available in different sizes and colors. In addition to the traditional white dumpy bags, we also offer orange dumpy bags. A color that stands out and ensures good visibility of your bags. Dumpy bags can be used in the waste and recycling industries for various types of waste, such as construction waste or garden waste. For lighter landwaste (e.g. paper, plastic...), our product range includes large dumpy bags with a volume of up to 1.5m³.

Popular Dumpy Bags:1m³ Orange Dumpy Bag | 1.5m³ Large Dumpy Bag

Glass Wool Waste Bags

Glass Wool waste bagsMineral fibers are likely to occur during restructuring and demolition works in older buildings. Mineral wool (glass wool, rock wool) manufactured during the 20th century is said to be carcinogenic when penetrating into the human lung. In order to avoid inhalation of dangerous mineral fibers, 123BigBags offers a range dust-proof bags, made of coated fabric and equipped with a skirt with cord. These bags are legally required for mineral wool waste in Germany and more and more used throughout the UK market.

Popular Glass Wool Waste Bags:Large Rock Wool Bag | 1m³ Glass Wool Bag

In addition to the bags listed above, our builders bags are also available with spouts and skirts for easy filling and emptying. Use the filter on the left hand side to find your ideal builders bag!

Questions on Delivery?

For any questions regarding delivery, kindly visit our pages dedicated on Delivery Times and Shipping Costs. Should you not find an answer to your question, our customer service team is happy to help you further.

Having trouble finding the right bag?

No problem - we also offer tailor-made builders bags! Let us know your product requirements and we will create a personalized offer for you. Whether you need different dimensions, a spout bag, coated fabric, double dust seams or bottom loops - we can create your perfect builders bag. Custom-made bags in your dimensions and colors at a low price, delivered to your premises in the UK from 4-5 weeks. Request a quote and you will receive your free offer within 4 hours.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions on our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us. Simply fill in our contact form and we will come back to you as soon as we can. You can also call us at 012 1368 07 22.

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