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Bulk Bag Size

All prices are exlusive of VAT and transport costs.

In our Webshop you will find diffrent sizes and volumes of big bags. We have in our offer bags from 500kg to 2000kg. Choose your perfect big bag with the right size and order it really easly online.
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Tonne bag 90x90x90

Amount per pallet 410

From Price €2.47 Per piece
Builders Bag 90x90x110cm

Amount per pallet 305

From Price €3.42 Per piece
Skirt Top Plain Base Bag (90x90x110)

Amount per pallet 255

From Price €3.89 Per piece
Ventilated Big Bag 100x100x150 - Bottom loops

Amount per pallet 200

From Price €6.59 Per piece
Jumbo Bag Open Top Flat Base (90x90x190cm)

Amount per pallet 205

From Price €5.75 Per piece
Discharge Spout Big Bag (90x90x110)

Amount per pallet 275

From Price €4.85 Per piece
Cross Corner Loop Bag (90x90x110)

Amount per pallet 310

From Price €3.32 Per piece
Vented Big Bag 90x90x110

Amount per pallet 200

From Price €5.69 Per piece
Mineral Wool Bag (140x140x120cm)

Amount per pallet 250

Amount per pallet 155

From Price €5.89 Per piece
Heavy Duty Bulk Bag (90x90x110)

Amount per pallet 190

From Price €5.39 Per piece
Heavy Duty Bag 65x65x65

Amount per pallet 445

From Price €2.79 Per piece
Builders Bag 0.5m3 (80x80x80)

Amount per pallet 285

From Price €3.09 Per piece

Volume of a Bulk Bag

sand gravel pebbles bagsA bulk bag offers an endless amount of opportunities for its utility. Due to the variety of material types used in the construction industry, bulk bags have to be specifically designed for either fine, sharp, heavy, or light materials that range in mass, texture or dryness. Because of these variables, the thickness of fabric for a bulk bag appropriate for sand will differ from one meant for wood, meaning that the maximum load will also change. What remains the same for all of our bags? That each detail has been carefully thought out to meet your bulk bag needs!

What kind of material do you wish to transport in a bulk bag?

  • Sand and/or gravel up to 1500 kg
  • Rocks, stones, or rubble up to 2000 kg
  • Soil up to 1000 kg
  • Mineral wool or other materials in small quantity up to 500 kg
  • 1 or more steres of firewood

Big Bag, Small Volume

Especially amongst our DIY customers, the smaller bulk bags have become increasingly popular for everyday uses. For example, these bags make great use as garden bags for green waste. For our business customers, they are popular for projects involving soil, sand and gravel. Contact our team without hesitation for more information