Coal bags

Rubble Sacks

Eco design Woven Rubble Sack 55x80

per piece from €0.15
Eco-design colored woven rubble sack 55x80cm. Made from left over PP threads, our eco-design rubble bags can hold up to 25kg of weight and they can be used for construction, gardening & recycling activities. The ideal eco-friendly bags for every material.
Wood Bag

Small Log Bag 45x45x45

per piece from €1.85
Small firewood bag 500kg equipped with 2 standard loops and 2 bottom loops for an easy emptying. This log sack with dimensions 45x45x45cm is ideal for transporting small quantities of firewood.  Small log bag with our smiley 123bigbags!
Rubble Sacks

White Rubble Bag with Cord 65x100

per piece from €0.21
Rubble bag with cord come in dimensions of 65x100 cm. Made of high-quality and resistant woven polypropylene, this builders rubble bag is ideal for heavy trash of up to 25 kg. Rubble bag is equipped with a cord to be closed after filling. It's volume is up to 90 liters.
Rubble Sacks

Woven Rubble Sack 55x80

per piece from €0.14
Polypropylene rubble sack with the 123BigBags smiley. This bag with dimensions 55x80cm is very strong and resistant. This woven bag will allow you to store and transport up to 25kg of debris. Ideal rubble bag for construction sites, and individual use. 
Rubble Sacks

Medium Rubble Bag 50L - 55x80

per piece from €0.13
Check our woven rubble bag with dimensions of 55x80 cm. This rubble sack is especially designed for up to 25 kg of heavy waste such as bricks and tiles. Made of extra strong woven polypropylene fabric, make it tear-proof which makes it the ideal waste bag in the construction industry.
Ton bag 90x90x90 Ton bag 90x90x90 2
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Big Bags

Ton bag 90x90x90

per piece from €3.53
Ton bag with dimensions 90x90x90cm meaning a volume capacity of 0.75m³. Suitable to carry up to 1000kgs of load. Reliable and strong single trip bulk bag for the transport and storage of all your construction materials: sand, top soil, rubble, debris...
Big Bags

Heavy Duty Bulk Bag for 2 tons

per piece from €6.43
Heavy duty big bag 90x90x110cm. The ideal bag for heavy stones, bricks and building materials with sharp edges, weighing up to 2000kgs. Made of extra thick 230gr/m² woven polypropylene fabric, high quality, ultra resistant and tear-proof heavy duty bag.
Rubble Sacks

Biodegradable Hessian Sack 30x60cm

per piece from €0.56
Hessian jute bag dimensions 30x60cm. Made from natural materials, this jute bag is 100% biodegradable. A strong jute bag of breathable materials, absorbent and without drawstrings. Ideal bag for organic waste, leafs, sand and rubble weighing up to 25kgs.
Rubble Sacks

Small Rubble Bag 35L - 45x75

per piece from €0.20
High-quality top hemmed rubble sack. UV Resistant and recyclable. This bag is so robust that we dare you to break it! You can use it for all kind of debris such as tiles, stones, metal and plastic. It is ideal for sharp and heavy rubble up to 25kgs.
Rubble Sacks

Rubble Bag 60L - 60x90

per piece from €0.27
High-quality top hemmed rubble sack in polypropylene. A very robust waste bag that you can use for all kind of debris such as tiles, stones, metal and plastic. It is ideal for sharp and heavy rubbles up to 35kgs. UV Resistant and recyclable.
Rubble Sacks

Extra Heavy Duty Rubble Bag 120L - 70x115

per piece from €0.38
High-quality top hemmed rubble sack. A robust bag that you can use for all kind of big debris such as branches from your garden or large plastic pieces. A polypropylene plastic bag ideal for sharp and heavy rubbles up to 50kgs. UV Resistant and recyclable.
per piece from €3.71
Builders bag 1m3 dimensions 90x90x110cm with standard loops. This bulk bag with a capacity of 1 cubic meter is designed for building materials such as sand and topsoil. This big bag for sand or topsoil can carry up to 1500kgs of building materials.

Would you like to organize your coal for the winter? You have little space to store it? We have a solution for you! Our coal bags are ideal for storage and very easy and practical transport of coal. Buy our range of carbon sacks and eco-pouche now.

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