Rubble bags

Find the perfect rubble bags for your needs. Extra resistant bags, woven polypropylene or LPDE, used in various industries they are suitable for heavy waste as well as lighter materials. Find different sizes and models on our online webshop read more

Rubble Bags

Rubble bags are perfect for the storage transport and disposal of building materials. Often inexperienced builders are tempted to use classic bin bags to store their excess materials, however they soon realise a dedicated product is needed. Rubble bags are much stronger than traditional bin bags. Bin bags are often only 25 microns thick giving them a gauge of 100. This results in ripped and torn bags especially when dealing with heavy and or sharp materials.

Rubble Sacks Roll

Occasionally you will see rubble bags sold on a roll of 10 or 30 this is usually an indication of low quality thin bags. If 30 rubble bags can be rolled up into a small cylinder it shows they are not as thick as they should be. Here at 123BigBags we are proud of quality of our rubble bags which is why we display their thickness on our website. All of our bags have their strength shown in either micros, in the case of  our polythene bags, or grammage when it comes to our polypropylene bags.

Rubble Bags Guide

When choosing between a polythene bag (the transparent ones) and a polypropylene bag (the woven ones) there is a few factors you should consider. Firstly polypropylene is much stronger and carry more material, however they are not fully waterproof. This makes them less than ideal for moving or storing material with a high moisture content such as wet sand and soil. This is because much of the liquid will leak. On the other hand polythene bags are less strong but are waterproof and maintain internal moisture.

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