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Easy Chute

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The Easy Chute is the most flexible & economical rubble chute. A 3 meters long chute made of woven polypropylene with a diameter of 50cm. Buy extra Easy Chutes and easily attach several chutes together with cable ties to reach the length you need for your rubbish removal project.

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The Easy Chute™ is the most compact rubble chute that exists! But wait, there is more. Affordable, foldable, noiseless and resistant, this waste chute is extendable too. Your roofers can adapt the length of the rubbish chute at their convenience, from one meter up to the infinite!

Provide them with our filling board (to use as a hopper), that can be printed with your logo, lashing straps and tie-wraps to have the complete rubbish chute set. 


We have several different models of skip bags made for different uses. Our skip bags can replace or protect your skip container in a safe and professional way.


Find tarpaulins with eyelets, available in different sizes, and which can be easily attached to skips. Tarpaulins can be used with skips and load containers to provide protection against the elements.


Rubble sacks are reliable and tear-proof waste bags in the construction industry. Our product range includes various sizes of rubble sacks suitable for heavy materials. From Extra resistant bags, to woven polypropylene and LPDE, find the perfect rubble sacks for your needs. 


You will find small and large bags especially designed to remove this hazardous waste. Rubble bags, big bags, containers bags... all of them are printed with official asbestos warning and comply with the EU regulations for safe asbestos removal.


We have developed a range of large and small mineral wool bags designed to safely transport glass wool. These polypropylene big bags and rubble bags are durable and simply indispensable if you need to dispose of rock wool waste. 


Our reusable bags are of high demand in the roofing industry as they are extremely durable and of the highest quality. Their fabric thickness makes them a multipurpose bag, which come in very handy to any construction site. Their reusability ensures their investment is worthwhile, and they are eco-friendly!


Get rid of waste in an economical and ecological way with our Eco-Design bags! Waste less, save more! Our eco-design rubble bags are made out of leftover PP threads, making them environment friendly.


Hessian sacks are medium sized bags made from natural, organic 100% biodegradable jute fabric. Perfect for composting! Jute bags are ideal for carrying organic materials such as grains, potatoes, onions, carrots, topsoil, sand. Our jute bags are great for gardening, and their biodegradable fabric makes them ideal for plants and the environment. You can also use them as decoration!

What our Clients Says about our Big Bags and the Easy Chute™

“This rubble chute makes it possible for anyone to deposit rubble quickly, 
cheaply and also easily. I will never install a heavy standard chute again, 
but simply fold out the Easy Chute and start dumping rubbles.

Joshua P. - Roofer

Tips & best practices for roofers

Follow our guidelines to give a complete solution to your team!

  • Buy our Easy Chute with filling boards (to use as rubbish chute hopper), lashing straps, tie-wraps, tarpaulins and rubble sacks to get all the elements needed for your roofers.
  • When you use the Easy Chute ™ to dump waste, you have to maintain the chute as vertical as possible between the top and the bottom; do not use it as a slide. It will prevent the Easy Chute from wearing out too much weight and get damaged.
  • Bag or pre-pack your heavy stones and sharp rubbish before you throw them into the chute. 
  • Buy several Easy Chutes so you can enlarge the rubbish chute and reach the length you need for your rubbish chute. When assembled together, the effective length of one additional chute is 2,40 meters as we use a 60 cm overlap between the chutes to ensure safe connections between them.

What is the Easy Chute™? How it works?

The Revolutionary Rubbish Chute. Easy as pie!
Watch our 2min Instructional Video or read the instructions below:

Extend your chute with Easy Chute Add-ons
You can assemble several chutes together to extend your chute. Attach the four orange loops placed at the upper end of the extra chute with the four white loops placed at the lower end of the other chute, by using tie-wraps or carabiners.
Attach the filling board to the chute
Place the filling board into the upper end of the rubbish chute and slide 3 out of the 4 orange loops into the 3 holes of the filling board. It will help to stabilise and block the filling board with the chute. There is an extra loop, to use if you assemble several chutes together.
Set up the upper end of the chute
Attach the lashing straps to the two orange loops placed at each extremity of the filling board. Then, easily attach your rubbish chute at the sill of your window, as you wish, by using these two lashing stripes. Finally, deploy the chute outside your window. Extra Tips: Use a beam or slat longer than the larger of your window to fix the Easy Chute™. Slide the beam into the two lashing straps. Then place the beam inside the window frame and deploy the chute outside. The beam will prevent your chute from falling off the window.
Set up the lower end of the chute
Strongly attach the lower end of your chute to your container, skip bag or a big bag. Make sure the extremity of the chute is around 50cm (20 inches) above your container. It will ensure the safety of the site as it will prevent rubbish from flying away everywhere when you dump waste.
Time to dump your waste
Throw your rubble into the woven rubbish chute against the filling board or directly into the chute. We advise you to bag heavy and sharp angle waste before you dump them into the chute. This will ensure a longer life time to your Easy Chute™.

A little bit of history...

The Easy Chute™ is a brand new product developed in cooperation with Easy Chute ™ USA and the R&D team of 123BigBags.  

  • The Easy Chute™ was invented in 2015 in Massachusetts, in the USA by EasyChute.com
  • They patented this new rubbish chute and started to sold it in the USA
  • The product launch was a success! See some pictures of the product in use in their Easy Chute™ portfolio.
  • In 2020, Easy Chute™ decided to conquer the European market and looked for a European sales agent.
  • 123BigBags, being the leader of reselling big bags in Europe, quickly became an obvious partner of choice for Easy Chute USA.
  • 123BigBags R&D team and Easy Chute™ teamed up together to develop and launch a new version of the 3 meter rubble chute, more resistant and more ingenious.
  • 123BigBags also developed a  filling board, specially made for the Easy Chute™, to replace the traditional bulky hopper. A solution designed to be more compact and more practical. 
  • 123BigBags started to sell the Easy Chute™ in May 2021 with a special Easy Chute Starter Set providing all what the users need to start dumping their waste.

Note: USA based customers can order their chutes directly on EasyChute.com

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