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Big Bag at the Best Price

All prices are exlusive of VAT and transport costs.

At 123BigBags you will find many models of big bags in the best prices! Buy the perfect bigbag at the Best Price. We are one of the most competitive Big Bag specialist on the market. The more big bags your order, the lower the unit price !.
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Builders Bag 90x90x110

Sort of useBuilding waste, Rubble, Sand or Top soil, Small gravel, Stones or gravel

Amount per pallet305

From Price €3.75 Per piece
Discharge Spout Ton Bag 1m3

Sort of useBuilding waste, Rubble, Sand or Top soil, Small gravel, Stones or gravel

Amount per pallet275

From Price €4.83 Per piece

Bulk Bag Prices

Price Calculation

The prices of bulk bags can vary depending on the fabrication of a specific bag. The price of a bag reflects the weight of the fabric, the security guaranteed when handling certain materials (asbestos vs. sand) and the quality of the loops in order to support the weight of the bag when lifted by a forklift, for example. Depending on the quantity of bags produced and the location of production can also affect the end price. With our bulk bag production factories located in Europe, we are able to assure delivery of your bulk bags under 4 weeks time and for competitive prices.

Tailor-made Prices

In need of transporting or stocking light material? Heavy material? In need of a bulk bag with long loops or short ones? We are able to provide a bulk bag to suit your needs and to get the perfect utility out of it. It is possible to select a bag with thicker loops, shorter or longer ones, or to include a discharge spout at the bottom, should you wish. All of these options will affect the end price of your bag.

Personalised Prices

For competitive prices, we are able to make the perfect bag with all the right colours and your own personalised logo or choice of advertisement. When selecting these personalisation options in combination with a specific bulk bag base model, the price will include all alterations requested.

Best prices for bulk bags

We always offer an affordable price for high quality bulk bags tailored to your needs and in combination with all personalised options.

With so much to choose from, you can always benefit from thicker and longer loops or for a fabric that is tougher to handle those sharp objects that can be difficult to dispose of otherwise.

Contact our experts today to determine the best bag with all the options you can benefit from!