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What is the proper bag for me?

Big Bags come in many shapes and sizes and more than 50 models are available on our website ! To determine which Bag fits you best, narrow it down with the following questions: What do you want to transport? If you have heavy material such as rubble, heavy stones or tiles, we advise you to use a bag with thicker grammage, we have bags with a SWL (Safe Working Load) up to 2 tons! On our webshop you can also find big bags designed for the removal and disposal of sensitive material like asbestos or mineral wool. We also have a range of ventilated big bags for wood. What size will suit my needs best? We have mini Big Bags of 45x45x45cm but also very large ones of 90x90x190cm. Do I need my big bags to have special features? On our webshop you can find standards bags with an open top, as well as bags with a skirt or with cross corner loops. To empty the bags easily have a look at our bags with discharge spouts or bottom loops ! If you need to handle the bags with a forklift with have a special bag with tunnel loops for that.

What is the minimum quantity for ordering?

At 123BigBags, there’s no minimum order quantity. We provide bags for individuals as well as professionals: it is perfectly possible to order only one Big Bag. However our prices decrease with the quantity order. Browse our Big Bags page and select the product you need, on the product page you can run price simulations by updating the quantity.

Is it possible to print my logo on the big bags?

Of course. We can print on (almost) all our bags. Learn more about the process hereMinimum order quantity for this service is one pallet (roughly between 200-400 bags depending on the model)

I can’t find the bag I need, can you help?

Use the filters to search for the bag you need, if you can’t find the model you are looking for, you need a special size, an additional feature or, for example, a stronger fabric? With 123BigBags you have the possibility to order custom Big Bags. Learn more about it here. Minimum order quantity for this service is one pallet (roughly between 200-400 bags depending on the model)

Can I leave the Big Bags outside?

All of our bags are UV-resistant and can withstand being left outside for around 6 to 8 months, afterwards it will start to deteriorate. If you keep your bags inside, in a cool and dry place they will probably last forever, however extensive sunlight and rain will degrade the bags with time.

Are your big bags suitable for food and chemicals?

We are specialized in the construction, recycling and gardening industries. Our big bags are not made in the right conditions for the handling of chemicals goods and don’t comply with the very specific norms of the food industry.

What are big bags made of?

A Big Bag or FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) is from a form of plastic: woven polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), a flexible and strong fabric. This fabric is used extensively in the packaging industry. Polypropylene bags are made by melting down the plastic at incredibly high temperatures. It is then molded into long strips, these strips are then woven to create a strong plastic lattice. 

Are the big bags waterproof?

The fabric used for Big Bags is waterproof, however they are not made for carrying and handling liquid materials. If you need a truly water-resistant bag, make sure it has a liner.

Do you only sell big bags?

Big Bags are our bestsellers of course. However, you can also find a large collection of rubble bags on our website as well as tape (to close them) and tarpaulins (to cover your bags). 



Where can I buy your products?

123BigBags is an online shop, we don’t have physical stores so your order has to be placed online. That’s why we can offer you products at the best price. But you can order with an express delivery and get your bags the next working day ! We can also take care of the order for you, send us an email at info@123bigbags.com with the details of your order. An administration fee will be charged for orders below 600€.

There’s a problem with the website, what now?

This may have a number of causes. Please, try using a different browser (Firefox or Chrome) and/or retry in 15 minutes. If the problem persists, please send us an email at info@123bigbags.com or fill in our contact form explaining the issue in details so we can help as best as we can.

I have given an incorrect address on my order. Can I still have this adjusted?

Please always double-check your information before placing your order. If you realise the information you provided is wrong right after ordering please contact us as soon as possible: via chat or call in the week (open only in the morning) or via email at info@123bigbags.com. The orders are shipped in the afternoon, if you manage to reach us before it is sent out then we might be able to make modifications on your order. However if it is too late and your order is already shipped there is nothing we can do, if the carrier doesn’t find the address the order will be returned to the sender, us ! Then we will automatically make a refund. This take some time, if you need the bags urgently we advise you to place a new order with the right address.

Can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order please contact us as soon as possible: via chat or call in the weekdays (open only in the morning) or via email at info@123bigbags.com. We can only cancel your order if it has not yet left our warehouse. Your order has already been shipped? Then you can refuse the delivery from our carrier or return it after you have received the package, you will be refunded once the bags are back in our warehouse.

How can I return the bags I ordered?

We are sorry to hear our products didn’t meet your expectations ! If you are not satisfied with your order please consult our Return and Refund Policy page.


Shipping and Delivery

How much are the transport costs?

Transport costs are displayed before payment on the checkout page, they differ according to the carrier selected as well as your address and the quantity of bags ordered.

When will I receive my order?

You will be informed of the delivery lead time estimation at the “shipping method” step of your order. See our Shipping & Delivery page for information about transport costs and delivery lead time.


If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help.

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