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Big Bags

Ton bag with smiley - 1000kg (90x90x90cm)

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per piece from €4.12
Tonne bag with dimensions 90x90x90cm meaning a volume capacity of 0.75m³. Suitable to carry up to 1000kgs of load. Reliable and strong single trip bulk bag for the transport and storage of all your construction materials: sand, top soil, rubble, debris...
Big Bags

Closeable Big Bag - 1m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €6.89
Closeable Big bag. This Bulk bag with capacity of 1m3 with a safety work load of 1500kg. Ideal for light to medium-weight building materials. This white bag with a skirt is easy to fill in and will protect its content from the rain and humidity.
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