Beach clean-up bags

New on 123BigBags’ webshop : beach clean-up bags! Help cleaning your local beach, riverside or forest with our reusable bags for litter-picking. Practical and reusable, these bags are the perfect tool to pick-up all the waste invading our shores. 123BigBags supplies large beach clean-up projects as well as small initiatives to make our nature trash-free. Together we can ensure a cleaner environment for everyone.

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Beach clean-up bag - 45L

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per piece from €6.78
Bag for beach litter picking with a capacity of approximately 45L. Practical, reusable and sunlight resistant bag to help keep the shore clean. Woven PP bag equipped with a strong and adjustable shoulder strap as well as a bottom strap to empty it easily.

Beach clean up sack - 45L

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per piece from €6.66
Bag for beach litter picking with a capacity of approximately 45L. Practical, reusable and sunlight resistant bag to help keep the shore clean. Woven PP bag equipped with a strong and adjustable shoulder strap as well as a bottom strap to empty it easily.
Rubble Sacks

Jute bag 100% biodegradable - 50kg (60x110cm)

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per piece from €1.47
Hessian jute bag with dimensions of 60x110cm. Made from natural materials, this jute bag is 100% biodegradable. A strong hessian sack with breathable and absorbent properties. The ideal bag for organic waste, leaves, sand and rubble weighing up to 50kgs.
Big Bags

Mini Big Bag - 500kg (45x45x45cm)

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per piece from €2.56
Mini big bag printed with our smiley, equipped with two bottom handles for easier lifting. A strong miniature big bag 45x45x45cm, that can contain up to 90 liters of materials and waste. Mini bigbag for designed for multi use, ideal for working at home.
Big Bags

Vented log bag - 1 m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €8.33
Vented log bag 1m3 in the dimensions of 90x90x110. Equipped with 4 standard loops for easy handling. Store and transport up to 1,5T of logs with our log bags. Firewood bags with ventilated fabric to allow your firewood to dry while stored or transported. 

Litter-Picking Stick

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per piece from €7.29
Litter-picking stick with easy to use trigger action and ergonomic handle. This 35 inches long trash-picker will help you tidy up our beaches, forest and public areas. Lightweight garbage stick equipped with a magnet for retrieving small metallic items.
Rubble Sacks

Biodegradable Hessian Sack - 25kg (30x60cm)

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per piece from €0.62
Hessian jute bag dimensions 30x60cm. Made from natural materials, this jute bag is 100% biodegradable. A strong jute bag of breathable materials, absorbent and without drawstrings. Ideal bag for organic waste, leafs, sand and rubble weighing up to 25kgs.
Rubble Sacks

Jute Bag 100% Biodegradable (51x86cm)

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per piece from €0.89
The reusable hessian bag 100% Biodegradable dimensions 51x86cm can contain up to 25kg of garden waste. A very strong jute bag with breathable and absorbent properties, ideal for green waste, sand and rubble. Also perfect as potato sack race bags for kids.       
Rubble Sacks

Jute bag 100% Biodegradable (43x65cm)

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per piece from €0.61
Jute Bag 100% Biodegradable made from natural materials. This reusable hessian bag dimensions 43x65cm can contain up to 10kg of garden waste. A strong small jute bag with breathable and absorbent properties, ideal for organic waste, sand and rubble.       
Rubble bag eco-design Rubble bag eco-design 2
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Rubble Sacks

Eco design Woven Rubble Sack - 25kg (55x80cm)

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Eco-design colored woven rubble sack 55x80cm. Made from left over PP threads, our eco-design rubble bags can hold up to 25kg of weight and they can be used for construction, gardening & recycling activities. The ideal eco-friendly bags for every material.
Eco design rubble bags Eco design rubble bags 2
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per piece from €0.32
Sacco per macerie in tessuto colorato eco-design 55x80cm. Realizzato con resti di fili di PP, i nostri sacchi per macerie eco-design possono contenere fino a 25 kg di peso e possono essere utilizzati per attività di costruzione, giardinaggio e riciclaggio. I sacchi ecologici ideali per ogni tipo di materiale.

Every year hundreds of cleaning events are organized across the world, thousands of volunteers comb beaches, rivers, parks and lakes for trash. Raising public awareness on the consequences single-use plastic has on our fauna and flora.


After a hot summer day it’s not uncommon to find our local beaches covered in trash 123BigBags helps you take matters into your own hands: next time you’re heading out to the beach or a nearby park take our bags with you! Instead of picking up rubbish on the beach using single-use plastic bags, we present you a few reusable options.

Have you heard about Plogging yet? This new Fitness trend started in Sweden and combines jogging and picking up trash in parks and streets and is now spreading around the world. Do you also want to save our planet from litter and enjoy the beauty of nature without beeing surrounded by trash everywhere? Stay fit and save the planet by plogging - clean parks and forests in your neighbourhood picking litter. Gather your friends, colleagues or just do it alone using one of our reusable clean up bags.

What kind of bag can I use to pick-up beach litter and for plogging?

You will find different types of bags on our webshop:


  • Bags especially designed for beach litter picking: to help you pick-up rubbish on the beach effortlessly. Beach cleaning bags with an adjustable shoulder strap that will keep your hands free. Open and close the bag easily thanks to its velcro fastening. An additional strap on the base of the bag enables you to tip it over and empty it with ease. Forget about one time use bags! Try now our reusable clean up bags for picking litter while cleaning beaches & plogging. You will find on our online shop two versions of this bag : blank or with 123BigBags smiley print.
  • Jute bags: use our bags in hessian fabric to collect beach litter, a 100% biodegradable option. Apart from being organic, the jute fabric is ventilated so the sand will directly go through the bag instead of accumulating and weighing in your standard bags. You’ll find two different sizes of jute bags on our webshop.
  • Mini Big Bags: with its dimensions 45x45x45cm this bag is easy to carry around and to empty. Made of white polypropylene this resistant bag is reusable and ideal for litter-picking. Practical: once you are done using it fold it and save it for your next clean-up!
  • Ventilated bags: you’ll find on our webshop a few ventilated bags, normally designed for wood and logs to dry, they are also especially convenient for beach clean-up : the sand will fall off the bag making it easier to collect rubbish on the beach.

We advise you to use our bags with a hand-held trash picker to collect waste without bending over and accessing narrow spaces.

Ask us for beach clean-up bags printed with your logo!

Raise awareness among the public with printed beach-bags. Your city, company or organization wants to hold a beach clean-up event or help out on International coastal cleanup day ? Tell us about your project at and our team will let you know how and when you can get your own personalized clean-up bags.

The French organization Project Rescue Ocean, uses our jute bags for their litter-picking events on beaches, seas, rivers and oceans.

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Why choose 123Bigbags?

We put a lot of effort to adjust the offer to your expectations. The highest quality materials have been used in the production of bags available in our online shop to ensure their safe use. Our team is doing its best to provide high-quality bags and great service at an affordable price. Our team tested our new beach clean-up bags themselves and cleaned up the shore of our local lake!


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