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Woven Rubbish Chute

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“The new foldable rubbish Chute” 

New on the market a builders rubbish chute that we call the Rubbish Chute-Sock. Cheaper than renting a big plastic rubbish Chute. Fouldable and noiseless, cost efficient and reusable. Order on working days before 15hrs and we deliver the next working day. 

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Eco design Woven Rubble Sack 55x80

Sort of useBuilding waste, Rubble, Sand or Top soil, Small gravel, Stones or gravel, Coal

Amount per pallet1000, 8000

From Price €0.15 Per piece

The Rubbish Chute Sock is all you need when you are looking for a cheap, fast and easy way to deposit your rubble. It only takes a few minutes to assemble the system, even if you've never worked with it before. This flexible Chute is easy to fold, making it a compact, light and easy to transport package. In addition, our flexible chute is ideal for various types of jobs: removing demolition rubble, removing gravel, removing tiles, woodwork, cleaning gutters/roofs, evacuating homes, etc.

Builders rubbish chute


  • Noiseless

  • Foldable

  • Cost efficient

  • Safe time  and quickly installed

  • Large filling diameter of 50 cm

  • Strong polypropylene fabric 

Our Rubbish Chute-Sock is 3 meters long and therefore suitable for about 1 floor. Of course, you can easily connect another “sock” to each other so that you can also use this revolutionary chute from higher floors. We tested the product from 27 meters! Our Chute-Sock is perfect for stones, gravel, glass,, wood, tiles and other building material. 

Be careful, our Chute-Sock should not be used as a slide. When the angle to your skip or bulk bag is too much your debris will not slide anymore and hang half way. Your Chute-Sock will wear off faster as well and will not last for long.

Connection multiple parts is very easy and quick to carry out because this has been taken into account in the development of the product. You can easily In case of a purchase of multiple parts, the product will be delivered including free connection material.

How does our Rubbish Chute Sock work?

Please find below our 5-step explanation of our Chute-Sock.


step1rubbishchutesmall.jpgStep1 - Connect your Bucket
Connect your Bucket with your first Rubbish-Sock by using the hooks supplied with our plastic bucket.

chute sockStep 2 - Connect other Chute-Socks

Connect other Chute-Socks on each other. You can use our tie-raps we supply on our website. 

chute connectionStep 3 - Attach plastic bucket
Attach the plastic bucket strongly on the right floor.  We recommend to use a chain or standard Lash.

Step 4 - Tie end of Chute to skip
Tie the bottom of the Chute-Sock to your Skip or bottom. You can hang the end of your Chute-Sock above a skip, bulk bag or wheelbarrow. We advise that it is stretched no more than 50 cm above the skip or bulk bag. 

chute sockStep 5 - Time to dump!

When everything is set-up it’s time to dump. You can put your rubble in the bucket on top and you can start throwing parts through the chute. 

What our customers say:

“This chute makes it possible for anyone to deposit rubble quickly, cheaply and also easily. Never install a heavy standard chute again, but simply fold out the chute-sock and start dumping your rubble. “

Best practices: 

  • Try to bundel your rubble in sacks first before you through it through the chute.

  • Buy one or two extra Chute-Socks in case you need to replace a chute

  • Perfect use if you are using the Chute-Sock vertically, don’t try to make a slide your Chute will not last long. 

  • You don’t need to rent a normal chute anymore, just buy it!

  • Buy a long strong cord to hang the bucket right

  • Ideal to replace your gravel from a flat rooftop. even from 14 meters no problem.

  • If you are working in the industry it is easy to fold-up and store in your bus.