Jupe de Remplissage

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Improved Moisture-proof bulk bag with 90 microns liner and top skirt with internal dimensions of 90x90x110cm. Equipped with a thick PE liner, this bulk bag is moisture proof to avoid the content getting wet. This big bag with liner has a capacity of 1 cubic meter and a safety work load of 1,500kgs. It comes with a top skirt and cord for easy closure of...
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Tonne bag with top skirt, suitable for 1000kgs (one ton) of building materials. A tonne bag for 0.75 cubic mtrs. Equipped with a top skirt and a flat base. Ideal for light to medium-weight building materials. Tonne bag with top skirt for easy filling and protection against rain and humidity. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe. Choose...
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Closeable big bag with dimensions 90x90x90cm. Bulk bag printed with our logo with skirt suitable for up to 1000kg and 0.75m3 of aggregates. This tonne bag is filled easily and will protect its content from the rain, ideal for sand, top soil, rubbles and other building materials.
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