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Tonne Bags

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Find here tonne bags for construction and recycling of all sizes and dimensions. Our tonne bags are very resistant and we are one of the cheapest brand on the market. Our most popular bag in the UK is the classic tonne bag with an open top and a flat base, use the filter on the right side of the page to the ideal bag for you
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Tonne Bags for Construction & Recycling

Tonne bags are the most popular choice among UK construction and recycling companies. A tonne bag can be used to store and transport a variety of building materials such as sand and gravel. Furthermore, it can be used for various types of rubble arising on construction sites, garden waste, recyclable materials like paper and plastics and many more.

123BigBags offers a wide range of tonne bags in different sizes. Depending on the purpose, we recommend specific tonne bags from our product range. Use the filter on the left hand side to find a tonne bag filtered by volume, use, loops and other specifications or read the recommendations below to choose a tonne bag that best suits your requirements.

1 Tonne BagUK's Most Competitive Tonne Bags

A classic version of the popular tonne bags are our 1 tonne bags with an open top and a flat base. They come with four standard loops on all four corners, with no additional loops. Looking for UK's most competitive tonne bags? Then this 1 Tonne Bag is the right choice for you - a plain bag with no extras for those looking for a low priced bag for sand and gravel weighting up to 1,000kgs.

Tunnel Lift Tonne BagTunnel Lift Tonne Bag

Our Tunnel Lift Tonne Bag is one of UK's most popular tonne bags in the construction industry. In addition to its four standard loops sewn into the four corners, this bag disposes of two additional loops on the sides. These additional loops have the shape of a sleeve, sewn into the sides of the bags, whose functionality can be compared to a tunnel system. A forklift can easily move around the bags as the tunnel loops are especially designed for fork tines. The tunnel lift tonne bag is a real time saver and the solution to tangled loops!

Tonne Bag Top SkirtTonne Bag with Top Skirt

A top skirt is a useful asset to tonne bags. More convenient than a spout bag, a top skirt can be fully opened used as a fill skirt during filling procedure of the bags. Therefore, top skirt tonne bags are suitable for both fine-grained as well as larger materials such as branches and leaves. One main advantage is the fact that dust during filling of the bags with dry sand and gravel is significantly reduced compared to bags with an open top. After filling, the top skirt can be closed easily with its cord and the tonne bags can be stored outside over a period of a few months time.

Tonne Bags Dimensions & Volumes

Conventional tonne bags in the UK have a volume of 0.75m³ (750 litres). This corresponds to internal dimensions of either 90x90x90cm for the square shaped 1 tonne bags or 77x77x100cm for our tunnel lift bag.

As the Number 1 supplier of tonne bags in the UK, we think one step ahead and offer you a wide range of tonne bags which differ in terms of internal dimensions and volume.

Tonne vs ton

Ton is just shorthand for tonne. When it comes to the construction industry in the UK the words tonne and ton are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. A standard Tonne bag and ton bag are the same with no differences. If you want to make absolutely sure check the safe working loads, normally both a ton and a tonne imply a SWL of 1000 Kg. This is because ton is just the shortened version of tonne.

There are a few complications when it comes to America. This is because of the differences between the metric and imperial system and there shared use of the word ton. A ton in imperial is equal to 2000 pounds or  907.18 Kg, And obviously a ton in metric is 1000 Kg.

How Many Tonne Bags to a Cubic Meter?

Choosing your tonne bag can be a difficult process but it does not have to be. Usually it just comes down to a simple question of the weight and volume.  You can easily find the volumes of all our tonne bags in the specifications section of their product page. For example our Tonne Bag 90x90x90 has a volume of 0.75m³ and a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1000Kg (1 tonne)

Next you need to find the weight and or volume of the material you want to put in the bag. You can convert one to the other using the table below.

Material Weight (kg per m³)
Wet Sand 1922
Dry sand 1602
Gravel 1522
Stones 1602
Bark 240
Topsoil 143


Check how much volume of material you have and compare it to the capacity of the tonne bag. We generally suggest allowing for some room at the top of the bag to avoid spillage. Next compare the weight of your material to the safe working load of the bag. You may need multiple bags if you are moving something particularly heavy.

For example let's say I have 0.75 m³ of wet sand and we want to know how many Tonne Bags (90x90x90)  to buy. We can see in the table above 1m³ of wet sand Weights 1922 kg so 0.75 m­³ would weight 1494 kg. So although it would just fit into One Tonne Bag (90x90x90) (not recommended) it is to heavy. The safe working load (SWL) of the Tonne Bag 90x90x90 is only 1000 kg (one tonne). This means for our 0.75m³ of wet sand we need two Tonne Bags 90x90x90.

Please note all values in the table are estimates and the true values will depend on the condition of your material.

Questions on Tonne Bags?

Would you like to learn more about our range of tonne bags or are you looking for product advice? Our costumer service would be delighted to help you choosing a bag that best meets your individual requirements. Enquire for classical tonne bags or request a quote for tailor-made bags with your printing by contacting us. We do our best to answer your inquiry within 4 hours on working days. An urgent question? Call us on 012 1368 07 22 or use our live chat to talk to one of our experts.