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Volume Bulk Bag

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The volumetric capacity of a standard bulk bag is one cubic meter, but we also have smaller models that are very useful for individuals of half a cubic meter or even a quarter! Use the filters on the right side of the page to find the ideal bag.
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Bulk Bag Volume

Bulk bag volume is one of the most important characteristics to know when buying a Bulk Bag. Knowing a bulk bags volume allows you to plan for a job. It lets you know how many bags you need and therefore how many to buy. Knowing accurately how much you can get into a certain bag can save you time, money and effort.

A bulk bags volume can be roughly calculated by multiplying together its Dimensions eg. length, width and height. These three dimensions are clearly displayed after the name of each of our bags. To save you time we also show the volume of all our bulk bags in the specification table on the product pages. Volume is measured in m³.

The Belly Effect1 Tonne Bag

When comparing the volume calculated by using the above method and our displayed volume you may notice slight differences. This is due to the belly effect. When just multiplying 3 dimensions together the calculation assumes you are measuring the volume of a perfect cube. For bulk bags in the real world this is not the case. When a bulk bag is filled there is often a substantial belie effect, where the sides of the bag expand beyond their advertised lengths. This is a normal process and is completely safe. Often the volume of a bag can increase to a significant degree. This is a picture of our 90x90x90 Tonne Bag as you can see, after being filled there is a significant bellying effect.

How Big is a Bulk Bag?

We sell 100s of types of bulk bags which come in all shapes and sizes. have a look around our shop and see what suits your needs the best. You need some help or advice use our chat function in the bottom right of the screen or give us a call on 012 1368 1722 and one of our experts will help you out.