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Builder bag with discharge spout

Spout Bag Builder bags normally are sold with a flat bottom for the storing and transportation of various materials. With the conventional builder bag, the only way to empty it is by turning it over and pouring out its contents, requiring lots of physical effort or a forklift. In order to facilitate this necessary step when emptying contents such as sand, small gravel, soil, we suggest using our builder bag with a discharge spout!

All of our discharge spouts are 35 cm in diameter and and 50 cm in length and are joined at the bottom of the bags. These bags offer the ability to control how much you discharge at a time. The cord which closes the aperture of the spout also allows you to seal it after emptying, guaranteeing the bag’s reuse.


For whom is this bag meant?

  • Customers in the food processing industry (cereal, grains, coffee...)
  • Construction and industries needing to transport materials (fine graining)

Emptying of Builder Bags

The steps involving the emptying of a big bag require careful handling to secure the materials being transported... and those emptying the bag!

  • Make sure the discharge spout is properly closed and tightened before filling the bag or handling it
  • Make sure the size of the bag is proportional to the quantity of the material to be placed in it and do not exceed the maximum volume suggested.
  • Do not use materials not suited for this bag

To learn more about the proper usage of our builder bags, please visit our safety instructions page for this information.


For any additional questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or to call our experts at 012 1368 0722 

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