Vented Log Bags

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Ventent log bags are the best way to store wood. You can either store wood for drying or you can store wood for future use. These bags can be used in a variety of ways due to their fabric being design in a way to naturally allow your products to breath.
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Vented Log Bags

log bagsVented bags can be used for a variety of products and have always been a common solution in the agricultural sector in the United Kingdom. While vented bags are widely used during harvest to store and transport crops, these bags also offer numerous advantages in the wood industry. Thanks to their vented fabric which allows the natural breathing activity of your products, vented bags are suitable for fresh wood and timber products. Store your fresh wood in our log bags for convenient drying and avoid repacking before reselling your dried wood.

In addition to the agricultural purpose, vented bags can be used for a variety of products. At 123BigBags we offer a range of vented log bags, designed for timber products with a natural breathing activity. While traditional builders bags are made of non-breathable polypropylene fabric, log bags are manufactured from vented fabric with airstripes on the four sides as well as at the bottom of the bags. Timber products such as fresh wood can be stored in the bags during drying procedure. Thanks to high quality, UV resistant fabric, wood products can be stored in the log bags during several months without the fabric of the bag nor your products getting rotten or damaged.

In addition to easy filling of the bags, 123BigBags has come up with several solutions to make empyting procedure as easy and efficient as possible. While standard log bags with an open top and a flat base can be emptied simply by cutting the fabric, our product range includes a Log Bag with Bottom Loops for a more efficient way to discharge your log bags. These bags can be turned over easily thanks to two additional loops at the bottom of the bags. Emptying has become even more convenient and time saving thanks to our new Log Bag with Bottom Skirt. This innovative bag can be fully opened at the bottom for easy discharging of your wood products in no time!

Our ventilated big bags

Are very popular with individuals and professionals who wish to store and transport their firewood and logs. We have designed these Big Bags especially for the storage and transport of wood. Wood storage requires special conditions, unlike rubble and other construction waste, it is preferable to store wood in breathable bags to dry it. Our wooden big bags are very similar to the big bags used for construction except for a few important details:

-Mosquito net or ventilation panel fabric
-For some models: emptying straps or unloading skirt

Wet or humid wood has very little use, so in the vast majority of cases it is important that the wood is dry. This is a problem faced by everyone who uses firewood or stores logs: wood retains a lot of moisture, absorbs it quickly and releases it slowly. A means of transport or storage that facilitates the wood drying process has an important advantage. Big bags with ventilation panels or mosquito nets are therefore very useful because they do not retain moisture but let it evaporate, which speeds up the drying process.

Buy Log Bags Online

At 123BigBags, you can choose from various types of log bags and simply place your order online. Choose the log bag that best suits your requirements and get your bags delivered in the UK within 2-3 working days.

Why Log Bags Are So Convenient:

  • Breathable thanks to vented fabric on all four sides and on the bottom
  • Easy filling and discharging (flat base, bottom loops, bottom skirt)
  • Allows drying of fresh wood over a period of several months
  • A clever packaging solution without repacking before selling

Any Questions? Contact Us!

Do you have a question on our log bags or would you like to learn how our vented log bags can increase the efficiency of your business? Contact us for more information on our log bags or request an offer for vented bags according to your requirements (tailor-made bags starting from 200 pieces).