Printable Bulk Bags

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Printed Bulk Bags from 123BigBags

Creativity makes all the difference. Personalise a builder bag with your logo to set you apart from your competitors and to optimise your brand! It is our pleasure to describe the various sizes and ways you may wish to customise your builder bags:

  • Printable builder bags from 1 to 4 sides
  • Printable builder bags from 1 to 4 colours
  • Printable builder bags with your Logo
  • Printable builder bags with contact details and address
  • Printable builder bags with a slogan or catchphrase

A little extra from 123BigBags...

You would like to order printed bags, but you’re short on time? No need to worry! 123BigBags is the only distributor in Europe and the UK who can guarantee delivery of your printed bags within 3 to 4 weeks for emergency orders. Contact us as soon as you can to start your order!

Why use logo printed Builder Bags?

To be honest, there are too many reasons to list. To give you an idea, here is a small list of benefits from printing your company’s logo and/or contact details:

  • Visibility on your construction sites or wherever your builder bag ends up!
  • Improves the communication and uniqueness of your company!
  • To spark interest towards whatever your company is specialised in!

Still not sure? In this case, take a look at the photo here below. Which ones stand out most?

bulk bags in a pile
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