Polypropylene Bags

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The Making of Polypropylene

We sell a wide variety of polypropylene bags, in fact 90% of our bags here at 123BigBags are made of Polypropylene.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene was first synthesized in the 1950's by Paul Hogan and Robert Banks. It then when on to become one of the most popular plastics in the world with around 50 million tonnes being produced per year. This is because it is probably the most versatile plastics ever made. As well as Tonne Bags, Polypropylene can be used in a huge number of products such as utensils, speakers, car parts, batteries and clothes. This is because Polypropylene has several amazing properties:

  • It has a very high melting point
  • It is especially Unreactive
  • It is incredibly Durable

How are Polypropylene Bags Made?

Polypropylene bags are made by melting down the plastic at incredibly high temperatures. It is then molded into long strips, these strips are then woven to create a strong plastic lattice. These sheets of woven polypropylene are then cut and stitched to form the shape of a bag. The picture shows the strips of polypropylene being woven into sheets.

Polypropylene Bags for Sand, Cement, Agriculture

Polypropylene bags can be used to carry many different materials such as Sand, cement and agricultural products. This is because of their incredible strength and durability. Many bags have customisations to make the process of loading and unloading products easier. Emptying Spouts and Bottom Loops can make the unloading of material such as logs and sand very convenient.

Are Polypropylene Bags Durable?


All of our bags are incredibly strong and durable and withstand a lot. For example our Tonne Bags, as the name would suggest, can safely carry 1 tonne of material. When testing these bags in the factory we found, on average, they only broke after 5 tonnes (do not try this at home). The woven polypropylene is also very difficult to rip or cut and can easily withstand sharp rubble.

How Long do Polypropylene Bags Last?

This depends on how you use it.

If the bag is left inside, In a cool dry place, it will probably last forever. If left outside in the sun the bag should maintain its strength for around a year. After this it will start to deteriorate.

Where to Buy Polypropylene Bags?

You can buy them right here! We have a huge selection of bags available in our shop. We also provide 48 Hrs delivery to the UK and no minimum order quantity.

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