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Online sack making in the UK

All prices are exlusive of VAT and transport costs.

The best sack maker in Europe. Get your custom bag made by a specialist. Every project requiere special equipements and you can find the perfect sacks for you amoung the 50 different products of our online store

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Making Sacks

big bags6 Reasons Why we are the Best Maker of Sacks

150 Products

When it comes to the business of sack making, specificity and customization are vitally important to customers. Every project has unique characteristics which require specific tools and equipment. Builders sacks are used to transport and store a huge number of materials, because of this we make a huge collection of sacks to choose from. With over 150 products to choose from you are sure to find the perfect sack for any job, big or small.

1000s of Happy Customers

Being one of the best sack making companies in the uk it could only be achieved with the help of our brilliant customers. Even with the huge number of customers served, 123BigBags has maintained its incredibly high feedback score of 9.5/10. Here is what a few of our customers had to say

Competitive Prices on all our Sacks

Here at 123BigBags we make sacks at incredibly competitive prices. Our line of Builders sacks start from the low price of £0.28. We can offer these astonishingly low prices because of our efficiently optimised manufacturing process which aims to cut out the middle men. This allows for the production of safe, high quality sacks at great prices.

High Quality Sacks

Strength and safety are two of the most important characteristics of any sack. We, here at 123BigBags offer both. All of our sacks are made with high quality weaved polypropylene or thick strong Polyethylene or sometimes a combination of both. All of our sacks are subject to rigorous safety inspections which ensure the durablity of our products. Our strongest sack has a safe working load of 2 tonnes which allows it to carry double the load of a traditional ton bag.

The Best Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart  of 123BigBags sackmaking operation. The staff here at 123BigBags are sack making experts and can help guide you through the process of choosing, selecting and buying your new sack. Sometimes even construction experts need help and advice when choosing the specifications of their equipment. If you are at all unsure of your purchase contact us by either giving us a call on 12 1368 0722 or using our contact form.

48 hour delivery

big bags lorryNobody can see the future and everybody makes mistakes, sometimes you need sacks in a hurry. That is where 123BigBags step in, all our products can be delivered within 48 hours to anywhere in the UK. This is an incredibly convenient solution to a sometimes stressful situation. Waiting weeks for a sack to arrive is a inconvenient and inefficient process which 123BigBags eliminates. This is one less thing to worry about when planning your project, leaving you room to worry about more important things.

Become your own bag maker

123BigBags offers an extensive customisation service allowing you to become the sack maker. We can custom make sacks of any size, shape, or design. This means you can have your logo on a builders sack, giving your customers a professional service with professional equipment. Also if you have very specific requirements for your sacks and we don't already offer them we can have them made. Contact us through the Tailor-made form and we will get back to you within 4 hours. At 123BigBags everybody make their own sacks.