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Types of Jumbo Bags

What is a Jumbo Bag?

Jumbo BagA Jumbo Bag is a essentially a huge strong plastic bag designed to carry 1000x its own weight. Jumbo bags are made of woven Polypropylene stripes that are put together to create the structure of the bag. Jumbo ags are used in 100’s of industries for the transportation and storage of materials. Jumbo bags come in all shapes and sizes depending on what needs to be carried. We are the No. 1 Jumbo Bag Supplier and we are ready for any request.

Jumbo bag 1 ton

We have a large collection of Jumbo Ton Bags, these bags are specifically designed for the construction and building industry. With there strong fabric and large capacities they are perfect for all types of construction material. Some of our bags even have a 2 Ton Safe Working Load, these are some of our strongest bags and are very popular with our customers who require that extra strength.

Jumbo Bag with Liner

Several of our jumbo bags have Liners. These bags are are made our of our standard polypropylene, however a layer of thick polyethylene is included inside the bag. This gives you all the strength of polypropylene without many of its drawbacks. These bags are used by people who want to keep the contents of there bags dry or don't want any water leaking out.


FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container and is often used when talking about more specialist jumbo bags. This would include jumbo bags with Funnels, Spouts and Special loops. If you are looking for a custom made bulk bag just for you with your specific dimensions and additions use our Contact form. We would love to help.

FIBC Calculation

All FIBC bags are given a safety factor eg 5:1 or 6:1. Technically these numbers indicated the breaking point of a bag. For example if you buy one of our bags with a safe working load of 1500 Kg and a safety factor of 5:1 it would have a breaking point of 1500*5 = 7500kg. This number represents the point at which the bag broke on average in testing. Please do not use this PP Bag Weight Calculation to overfill your bags. If you go above the SWL there is a change of failure, we never recommend filling a bag beyond its safe limits.

From a practical point of view the safety factor shows if the bag is reusable or not. 5:1 indicates the bag should only be used once. 6:1 indicates the bag can be used more than once.

Jumbo Bag Price

We have the best prices of all jumbo bag manufacturers. On our webshop you can purchase a jumbo bag from as little as £2.09. We also have no minimum order quantity, If you only want one bag for for a smaller project or if you want 1000’s we can help you. If you have any questions feel free to give one of our experts a call on 012 1368 0722 and we will be happy to help.