Heavy Duty Bags

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Heavy Duty Bags 123bigbags

Heavy Duty Bags for Sale

Here at 123bigbags we sell heavy duty bags. Do you need bags for construction, recycling, gardening or anything else, we have a bag for you. You can order them online directly through our webshop by following the simple steps. Using this method you can order from one bag all the way up to thousands. We cater to all business sizes.

Bags for Rubble

We have a large collection of Heavy Duty Bags for Rubble. Rubble is often oddly shaped and heavy making it hard for you to carry in a conventional bag. This is where our line of heavy duty rubble bags come in. These bags are specifically designed to withstand the stresses and strains put on them by rubble.

Heavy Duty Bags for Sand

Sand is a interesting material to store and transport because of its absorbent properties. The weight difference between wet and dry sand is huge. For this reason, as well as very strong bags, we like to explain the difference between polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyethylene bags are made of a continuous sheet of plastic. This results in the containment of any moisture held inside the bag. A woven polypropylene bag allows moisture to escape through the small gaps in the plastic. This should be taken into account when choosing the type of bag you want.

Bags for Rocks

In many ways when designing bags we treat rocks a lot like rubble. Both have very similar properties from a bag construction point of view. If you are looking for bags to specifically carry rocks check out our range of Rubble Bags. If you are thinking about transporting large amounts of rocks or larger rocks have a look at our tonne bags. These bags are incredibly strong and are well suited to rock carrying.

Heavy Duty Bags for Garden Waste

In the majority of cases Garden Waste is significantly lighter than the normal construction materials we sometimes deal with. This means you will probably be able to get away with a bag with a lower safe working load. This will save you from buying capacity that you do not need. If you are looking to carry substantial garden waste I would suggest a bag with a higher safe working load.

Bags for Logs

Logs require a certain type of heavy duty bag, this is because fresh logs maintain moisture which they need to lose before being used. Our collection of Log Bags have built in vents that allow for the water to evaporate. In a standard bag it process will likely take much longer. We have a large collection of different size bags specifically for wood, logs and firewood.

Heavy Duty Bags with Handles

Handles or loops are a very useful additions for any bag, they allow you to easily pick up the bag and move it. Here at 123bigbags we use a few different types of loops on our bags. On the majority of our bags we use Standard Loops, these loops are perfect for supporting heavy loads over long periods of time. Our Cross Corner Loops allow for a different form of bag construction that can create more room while maintaining capacity. Lastly, our Tunnel Lift Bags are perfect for forklift trucks, this is because once filled the loops stay upright allowing a forklift to enter unassisted.

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