Hippo Bag Alternative

An alternative to Hippo Bags: we offer more than 50 different models of bags and are manufacturing high quality ton bags at the lowest price ! However we do not offer the pick up of the bags, our bags can be easily handled thanks to their loops so you can dispose of the big bags yourself !
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Tonne bag Tonne bag 2
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Big Bags

Tonne bag with smiley (80x80x80cm)

£6.37 per piece from £2.55
Ton bag in the dimensions of 80x80x80cm. Suitable for up to 1000kgs of building material. Tonne bag with a capacity of 0.75 cubic meters. A strong and reliable single trip bulk bag made for the building industry, printed version with our smiley logo.
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Big Bags

Big skip bag - 3m³ (245x125x80cm)

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£24.53 per piece from £12.27
Skip bag with a volume of 3m³ and a Safe Working Load of 1750kg. White Skip bag with dimensions 250x130x85cm. Large and resistant polypropylene skip bag with four loops designed for all types of use.
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Big Bags

Small Skip Bag with smiley (180x90x70cm)

£10.63 per piece from £6.38
Small standard skip bag for waste and DIY projects. Our skip bag with dimensions 180x90x70cm has a 123BigBags smiley print. Use our small and resistant polypropylene skip bag with four loops for all type of waste, garden waste, soil & rubble.

Hippo Bag Collection Alternative

Hippo bag offers

In 123bigbags we have great aternatives to Hippo bags.

Hippo Bags offer a service consisting of supplying a bag and then picking it up at some point in the future. Here at 123bigbags we specialise in the production, manufacture and distribution of Bulk Bags. However we do not offer pick up. This allows us to be very competitive in terms of price. 123bigbags works with premium suppliers and industry experts to product the strongest, highest quality bags at the Lowest Price.


Hippo offer three sizes of bag, this is because there removal machinery can only carry certain bags. This limits there bag selection. At 123bigbags, We offer over 100 Sizes with many more variations to suit any need. We have bags with FunnelsSpoutsSkirtsLiners and much more. If we do not have the exact bag you need we can also Manufacture It just for you. At our factory we have the ability to produce any type of builders bag you can imagine.

  • Do you need your own logo on the bag? No problem
  • Do you need 1 meter long loops? Easy
  • Do you need 6 emptying spouts on every bag? .....We can probably do that

Collection Costs

Hippo changes for the collection and disposal of their bags, these charges, in some cases, amount to £170. Many individuals and professionals have to capability to dispose their own waste for a better price. This means they just need the bags. If you are just looking for Tonne Bags to store your waste then 123bigbags can offer you a very competitive price. We have thousands of satisfied customers all using our 123bigbags. If you would like to become one of them buy a few bags, test them our, we know you will be very happy. If you have any questions you can use our Contact Form or give us a call on 012 1368 0722.

Alternative to Hippo Bags

Hippo bag Removal Cost

123bigbags offers an alternative to the standards model provided by many Builders Bag suppliers. By offering a huge range of products and not providing a pick up service we can offer lower, more competitive prices than the competition. If you still need your waste removed have a look at AnyJunk. They offer very competative prices for the removal and disposal of waste. 

123Bigbags has no association with hippo waste.

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