Asbestos Bags at Wickes?

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Wickes do not Sell Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Bags at Wickes

Searching for Asbestos Bags at Wickes leads to no result, this is because Wickes, like many other British DIY stores, do not sell asbestos bags. This is because asbestos removal should be carried out by a competent individual with a good knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding asbestos removal. There are many dangers surrounding the removal and disposal of asbestos waste and as such many UK stores choose not to sell the equipment to the general public.

Our asbestos bags are fully code compliant with EU regulations for asbestos removal in the UK. All our bags have at least one thick polyethylene liner capable of containing the hazardous asbestos waste. We also sell state of the art asbestos bags with a double liner for extra protection, Such as our Bulk Bag, Sheet Bag and Rubble Sack

Here at 123BigBags we also pride ourselves on offering a full range of asbestos bags. Our bags range in size from our small Asbestos Rubble Sacks all the way up to our Extra-Large Asbestos Skip Bag. This is important as it is imperative asbestos is not broken into smaller pieces. The act of breaking asbestos leads to the release of the harmful substance into the atmosphere. By providing bags in a range of sizes we can avoid this dangerous situation. To learn more about the sizes of bulk bags please visit our Bulk Bag Dimensions page.

123bigbags is in no way assosiated with Wickes.

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