Have a look at our Big Bags suitable for roofing waste from 123BigBags. Many materials such as rock wool, mineral wool and asbestos need specific bags to handle these hazardous materials safely and professionally. As a professional or private roofer, you can easily order BigBags for roofing repairs designed for these hazardous materials online. Delivery within 48 hours and no minimum order quantity.

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Asbestos sheet bag with double liner designed for safe asbestos removal. This bag is an excellent choice for the disposal of asbestos roofing sheets. This bag comes in dimensions of 250x150x30 with a double 70 μm (micron) polyethylene liner. This asbestos bag conforms to EU regulations regarding asbestos disposal.
Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Sheet Bag - 1,2m³ (320x125x30cm)

per piece from €13.62
Asbestos sheet bag especially designed for a safe removal of asbestos roofing sheets. A large asbestos bag with dimensions of 320x125x30cm, ideal for removing asbestos sheets from your roof. Manufactured according to EU regulations on asbestos removal.
Big Bags

Ton bag - 1000kg (90x90x90cm)

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per piece from €3.77
Ton bag with dimensions 90x90x90cm meaning a volume capacity of 0.75m³. Suitable to carry up to 1000kgs of load. Reliable and strong single trip bulk bag for the transport and storage of all your construction materials: sand, top soil, rubble, debris...
Big Bags

Heavy Duty Bag - 1500kg (65x65x65cm)

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per piece from €3.46
Heavy duty Mini Big Bag 65x65x65cm. Volume capacity of 1/3m3. This mini bag is highly resistant which makes it ideal for small quantities of sharp stones, bricks and other heavy building materials. Handling made easy thanks to it's cross corner loops.
Big Bags

Skip Bag - 3m³ (250x130x85cm)

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per piece from €13.84
Big Bag for waste container with a volume of 3m³ and a Safe Working Load of 1750kg. White Skip bag with dimensions 250x130x85cm. Large and resistant polypropylene skip bag with four loops designed for all types of use.
Large Mineral Wool Bag -... Large Mineral Wool Bag -... 2
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per piece from €7.59
Large mineral wool bag in internal dimensions 90x90x120 cm. Suitable for up to 500 kg of hazardous waste. The glass wool big bag is dust-proof thanks to high quality coated polypropylene and closable top. This big bag comes with four standard loops for easy handling.
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Heavy duty big bag 90x90x110cm. The ideal bag for heavy stones, bricks and building materials with sharp edges, weighing up to 2000kgs. Made of extra thick 230gr/m² woven polypropylene fabric, high quality, ultra resistant and tear-proof heavy duty bag.

Tarpaulin - 24m² (4x6m)

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per piece from €11.59
High quality HDPE tarpaulin, dimensions of 4x6 metres (24m²). Extremely resistant tarpaulin, UV stabilized for both indoors and outdoors use. Tarpaulin equipped with eyelets and corner reinforcements. Ideal for skip load containers or as a groundsheet.
Big Bags

Builders Bag - 1m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €5.10
Builders bag 1m3 with standard dimensions of 90x90x110cm. High-quality bulk bag: reliable and strong, suitable to carry up to 1500kgs of load. Standard bulk bag commonly used in the construction industry for the transport and storage of aggregates.
Rubble Bag for Rock Wool Rubble Bag for Rock Wool 2
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Rubble Sacks

Rubble bag for rock wool (140x220cm)

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per piece from €2.86
Rubble bag for rock wool in dimensions of 140x220 cm, perfect for large amounts of waste containing mineral wool fibers. Equipped with a cord, this glass wool bag can be easily closed after filling. It is 100% dustproof thanks to coated polypropylene fabric.

Tarpaulin - 12m² (3x4m)

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per piece from €5.04
High quality HDPE tarpaulin, dimensions of 3x4 metres (12m²). Extremely resistant tarpaulin, UV stabilized for both indoors and outdoors use. Tarpaulin equipped with eyelets and corner reinforcements. Ideal for skip load containers or as a groundsheet.
Rubble Sacks

Small Rubble Bag - 35L (45x75cm)

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per piece from €0.20
High-quality top hemmed rubble sack. UV Resistant and recyclable. This bag is so robust that we dare you to break it! You can use it for all kind of debris such as tiles, stones, metal and plastic. It is ideal for sharp and heavy rubble up to 25kgs.

Roofing Bags

Often, when we talk about roofing waste, we are talking about hazardous materials. Roof insulation often contains materials such as asbestos, rock wool, etc. At 123BigBags, we have adequate bags to handle these types of hazardous materials in a safe and professional manner! Our asbestos Big Bags and rockwool Big Bags comply with all regulations issued by the European Union. What types of roof bags are available at 123BigBags? Within our catalogue, you will find several asbestos bags. We have several models of asbestos bags! Do you need to get rid of asbestos from your roof? No problem! Our Asbestos sheet bag (250x150x50cm) offers the ideal protection and safety to handle these hazardous materials. One protective liner is not enough for you? Don't worry! We have our Asbestos sheet bag with double liner 250x150x30. These bags will give you that extra protection you are looking for! It is highly subjective to the dimensions of your roofing sheets, but generally, you can carry between 15-18 sheets per bag. Are you looking for less specific asbestos big bags? We have them! One of our most popular Asbestos Big Bag is our Asbestos Big Bag 90x90x110 - 1000kg. This bag is highly versatile, and you will be able to mix materials coming from different sources of asbestos inside it. Too big? Then we can offer you our Asbestos Bag double-walled 110x120cm.

What about the rock wool? Many roof insulations contain this highly dangerous material, which is used for insulation. At 123BigBags we have bags for rockwool! Our Rubble Sack for Rock Wool 140x220 are ideal for small quantities of this hazardous material, ideal to be transported safely and professionally by hand, without the need of machinery. Do you need to transport larger quantities? Then we have our Big Bag Mineral Wool 90x90x120. Safely handle rockwool with our professional rockwool bags! Our bags are approved by the European Union for the handling of hazardous substances. Do you need a bigger bag? No problem! We also have a Large Mineral Wool Bag 140x140x120. Bags for rock wool, highly professional and safe.

What industries use our roofing bags?

Construction industry

The construction industry is constantly doing demolition work, renovation, etc. A recurrent problem is encountering hazardous materials such as asbestos or mineral wool. Our Big Bag is ideal for this type of problem! Handle these hazardous substances safely and professionally with bags from 123BigBags.

Independent Roofers

When the time comes to renovate or fix your roof, roofers come to mind. Roofers are professionals who work specifically on roof renovation. They often work for agencies or independently. When working with roofs, roofers will often come across hazardous materials such as asbestos and mineral wool. Our bags are ideal as they are accessible to everyone!


In many situations, private individuals need bags for asbestos or for rock or mineral wool. 123BigBags offers accessibility to all types of customers! We have no minimum order quantity on our website, so if you only need one bag, no problem!

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