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Circular Woven Bulk Bags

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Circular Woven Bulk Bags - the best way of transporting your goods (building materials, wood or garden waste). Visit our webshop and order Circular Woven bag with Cross Corner loops - convenient for frequent handling.
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Circular Woven Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are a convenient way of transporting and storing a variety of goods, from food items to building materials. There are different sorts of bulk bags to be distinguished: conventional bulk bags with standard lifting loops (u-panel design), form stable bags (Q-bags) and circular woven bags.

The production process of circular woven bulk bags is different from conventional bulk bags. While conventional bulk bags are made by sewing together the four sides of the bag, circular woven bulk bags are made of one single piece of fabric, avoiding side seams in the fabric. Production of circular woven bulk bags is not only time-saving, but also requires less raw material. Reduced material consumption together with less time and effort being invested result in a more competitive unit price for consumers. In addition to said advantages in production, circular woven bags offer various advantages in handling.

Circular Woven FabricAdvantages of Circular Woven Bulk Bags

  • Equipped with cross corner loops
  • Easy handling with forklifts and cranes
  • Save time and effort during production
  • Lower purchase price than conventional bags
  • No side seams allowing high vertical pressure

Cross Corner Loop Bags

Cross corner loops are sewn into the sides of bulk bags and have proven to be convenient for frequent handling with forklifts and cranes. Loops of circular woven bags are intended to be picked up easily by forklifts, without a second person being required to hold open the loops. Make advantage of cross corner loop bags from 123BigBags and simply order your bags through our online-shop!

Range of Cross Corner Bulk Bags:


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