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123BigBags is your BigBag specialist. In ou webshop you can buy many different models of Empty Big Bags for garden, construction, recycling and building. Order your Empty Big Bag directly online.and get them delivered in two working days. Read more >
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Tonne bag with top skirt, suitable for 1000kgs (one ton) of building materials. A tonne bag for 0.75 cubic mtrs. Equipped with a top skirt and a flat base. Ideal for light to medium-weight building materials. Tonne bag with top skirt for easy filling and protection against rain and humidity. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe. Choose...
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Tunnel Lift Bulk Bag - 1000kg (77x77x100cm)

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per piece from €4.98
Tunnel loops bulk bag with dimensions 77x77x100cm. Ton bag equipped with two side tunnel loops perfect for handling it with a forklift. This Bulk Bag has a safe working load of 1000kg and a capacity of 0.7m³. Tunnel lift bag ideal for storing aggregates.
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Reusable big bag - 1 m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €35.55
Reusable big bag in the dimensions of 90x90x110cm with an open top and a unique emptying mechanism that opens the bottom fully at once. This extra strong reusable big bag equipped with ‘seal belt’ loops is ultra-resistant and can be used up to 20 times.
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Closeable Big Bag - 1m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €5.91
Closeable Big bag. This Bulk bag with capacity of 1m3 with a safety work load of 1500kg. Ideal for light to medium-weight building materials. This white bag with a skirt is easy to fill in and will protect its content from the rain and humidity.
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Jumbo bag (High) - 1500kg (90x90x190cm)

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per piece from €8.30
Jumbo bag 90x90x190cm. Extra large bulk bag with a capacity of 1.75m³. Ideal for up to 1500kg of fine-grained goods such as sawdust, pellets and light trash such as plastic and paper. Builders bag equipped with four standard loops, ideal for recycling.
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Big bag with discharge spout and an open top. Unload the content of the bag easily and quickly thanks to its 50cm long, 40cm wide discharge spout at the bottom. Dumpy bag 90x90x110cm can carry up to 1500kgs of building materials.
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Vented log bag - 1 m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €6.37
Vented log bag 1m3 in the dimensions of 90x90x110. Equipped with 4 standard loops for easy handling. Store and transport up to 1,5T of logs with our log bags. Firewood bags with ventilated fabric to allow your firewood to dry while stored or transported. 
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Builders Bag - 1m³ (90x90x110cm)

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Builders bag 1m3 with standard dimensions of 90x90x110cm. High-quality bulk bag: reliable and strong, suitable to carry up to 1500kgs of load. Standard bulk bag commonly used in the construction industry for the transport and storage of aggregates.
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Ton bag - 1000 kg (80x80x80cm)

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per piece from €3.12
Ton bag with internal sizes of 80x80x80cm. Suitable for up to 1000kgs of building material. Ton bag with a capacity of 0.75 cubic meters. A strong and reliable single trip bulk bag made for the building industry. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe. Choose between unprinted and printed bulks. Receive an instant price for bulk bags with...
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Big Vented Log Bag - 1500kg (100x100x150cm)

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per piece from €7.35
Big Vented Log Bag in the dimensions of 100x100x150. Equipped with two extra bottom loops for easy emptying. Vented log bag with ventilated fabric to allow your firewood to dry while stored or transported. Log bag for up to 1,5 tons of firewood.

Empty Bulk Bags


123BigBags specialises in the production and distribution of high quality empty bulk bags. We specialise in providing empty bulk bags to individuals in the fields of construction, recycling and agriculture.

Bulk Bags for Construction

123BigBags MateriealsOur empty bulk bags are designed to store and transport construction materials. Many of our clients, whose commercial activity involves the handling of materials ranging from sand, gravel, stone, cement to ornamental materials, such as slate, pebble, pozzolan, gabion, wood and and also inflammables, are in need of the utility provided by an empty bulk bag. Through our large selection of empty bulk bags, we can meet your specific needs, whether it be a Bulk Bag with a weight load maximum of 2 tonnes, or another type meant for fine sand or gravel, with a maximum load of 1 or 1.5 tonnesContact us if you are curious to know more!

Bulk Bags for Waste

Full Bulk Bag

Bulk bags are also a practical solution for constructions sites when storing and disposing of the waste generated. Depending on the type of waste and the requirements for proper disposal, for example asbestos, our large selection of big bags allow you to choose which bag suits your project best. In these situations, it would be a good idea to use our large industrial bulk bags.

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