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Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Sheet Bag (320x125x30cm)

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per piece from €12.53
Asbestos sheet bag especially designed for a safe removal of asbestos roofing sheets. A large asbestos bag with inside dimensions of 320x125x30cm, ideal for removing asbestos sheets from your roof. Manufactured according to EU regulations on asbestos removal. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe.
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per piece from €14.32
Asbestos sheet bag with double liner designed for safe asbestos removal. This bag is an excellent choice for the disposal of asbestos roofing sheets. This bag comes in dimensions of 250x150x30 with a double 70 μm (micron) polyethylene liner. This asbestos bag conforms to EU regulations regarding asbestos disposal.

Black tie-wraps 300mm

per piece from €0.10
Plastic cable ties or tie-wraps, length 30 cm. Use our cable ties to close your rubble bags efficiently or for the use of our woven rubble chute. Black tie-wraps sold in packs of 10 pieces.
Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Flat Bag with Liner 80x120

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Asbestos flat bag, equipped with a simple liner. This asbestos bag with internal dimensions of 80x120 is designed for small quantities of heavy asbestos waste. Resistant and tearproof, equipped with an 80mµ liner. Asbestos bag according to EU-legislation.
Asbestos Bags

UN Asbestos Big Bag - 1m3

per piece from €6.23
UN certified Asbestos bags for safe asbestos removal. Manufactured according to UN regulations. The asbestos removal bags have an internal liner and the UN code printed on the bag. UN asbestos bags, of 90x90x110cm for 1m3, can hold up to 1000kg.

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