Sack Race Sacks

Buy sacks for sack race online!

That you organise a birthday party for kids, a team building event for your company, or a game afternoon in your children's activity centre, everybody will be delighted to hop with these sack race sacks to the finish line!

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The Sack Races: the ideal team activity!

Want to spice up your group activity? Go for a potato sack race! Everybody will enjoy hoping with these sack race sacks to the finish line!

For who? Our sack race bags will suit you that you organise:

  • a birthday party for kids
  • a school fair with children 
  • a team building event for your company
  • a game afternoon in your children's activity centre

What are the benefits of a sack race game? 

  • provide your team member or children with an healthy sportive activity
  • have a lot of fun, that participants are kids or adults
  • help children work on their gross motor skills
  • work on their hand-eye coordination as they hold the sack or pillow case up when they jump.

Buy the ideal sack race sacks for you! From potato jute bags to bags with loops, we have sacks race bags for adults and children

Our assortment of sack race bags

We have all what your team needs to enjoy a fast an furious sack race!


Enjoy a fast and furious sack race with our Sack Race Sacks for adults and children! Made of high quality jute material, our reusable potato sack race sack come in various sizes and will last for a long time! An hessian sack 100% biodegradable for 100% of fun during your sack race game!


Sack Race Sacks with cross corner loops for a better grip on your sack race bag! Made of polypropylene fabric, with dimension 90x90x110. You can either play individually or in a team of 2 up to 4 people! Jump all in the bag, and hold one loop per team player. Ready, set, hop to the final line!

Did you know the world record?

The fastest 100 metres sack race is 26.22 seconds, won by Stephen Wildish in Swindon, UK in 2017. 
He also holds the world record for the 200 metres sack race: 64.19 seconds in 2018

Tips & best practices for the sack race game

Follow our guidelines to have a lots of fun with your team!

  • The sack race sometimes called ‘potato sack race’ is a competitive game in which participants place both of their legs inside a sack that reaches their waist or neck.
  • Then they have to hop forward from a starting point toward a finish line. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the sack race!
  • You can easily make several levels by changing the length of the race.
  • You can play individually or in team of 2 up to 4 people! Jump all on the bag, and hold one loop per team player. 
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