Mineral Wool Waste

Big Bags

Big Bag Mineral Wool - 1m³ (90x90x120cm)

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Big bag for mineral wool (rock wool, glass wool...), especially designed for mineral wool waste. Avoid breathing in of cancer-causing mineral fibers originating from fiber dust and dispose of your fiber waste in our mineral wool bags. Mineral wool bags at 123BigBags are dust-proof thanks to coated fabric and come with a top skirt. Available from stock,...
Rubble Sacks

Rubble bag for rock wool (140x220cm)

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Rock wool and glass wool can be easily disposed in this large rubble bag of 700 litres capacity (140x220cm). Equipped with a cord, this glass wool bag can be easily closed after filling. It is 100% dustproof thanks to coated polypropylene fabric and comes with a warning print in four languages which makes it suitable for disposal of glass wool all over...
Rubble Sack for Mineral Wool Rubble Sack for Mineral Wool 2
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Rubble Sacks

Rubble Sack for Mineral Wool - 500L (120x220cm)

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Rubble Sack for Mineral Wool such as rock wool and glass wool. This rubble bag is made of coated polypropylene fabric and has a cord to close the bag. It is 100% dustproof. Dimension 120x220cm, it is ideal for collecting large amounts of fiber glass wool.
Extra Heavy Duty Rubble Bag 120L Extra Heavy Duty Rubble Bag 120L 2
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High-quality top hemmed rubble sack in polypropylene wth our logo printed. Very robust waste bag to use for all kind of big debris such as branches from your garden or large plastic pieces. Ideal for sharp rubbles up to 50kgs. UV Resistant and recyclable.

Mineral Wool Waste

Mineral Fibers - Recycling Mineral Wool Waste

Are Mineral Wool Fibers dangerous? YES!

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