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Jute Bags

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Jute Bags - Hessian Bags - bags used more and more for gardening. The Jute Bags from 123BigBags are 100% biodegradable bags which makes them environmentally friendly. Buy our Hessian bags and use them in your garden for waste or compost. Best quality and best prices in our onlineshop!

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Considered the best solution to protect the environment, hessian bags are used more and more by individuals and professionals for gardening, construction and many other uses.

The different applications of jute bags:

Whereas the use of the bag was exclusively reserved for the transport of coffee beans, cocoa and other food products; today this bag has a whole new dimension.

The resistance of jute fabric offers a solution for many applications: cleaning your garden, clearing leaves and other branches, or sack races! 

Air is coming through preventing the stored goods to rot. Do you have any waste that needs to be ventilated? Think of the green waste from your backyard or vegetable garden: leaves or mowing waste for example. The hessian bag is particularly appreciated for this type of organic waste for which it is very practical to use a 100% biodegradable bag, as the jute bag can be disposed of or with the waste from vegetable residues directly in the compost bin.

The jute bag also offers an excellent ecological solution for wood failure: the bag is ventilated and has a slight absorption capacity, it extracts moisture from the still vapor wood so that it is used faster and can be used in your home.

Our small jute bags with cords, once filled with sand, can be used as sandbags for flood protection or as ballast to weigh down outdoor structures.