Small Asbestos Bags

123BigBags helps you with your asbestos removal work. In our shop you will find bags specially designed for asbestos debris and waste, all printed with an asbestos warning and compliant with EU regulations for safe asbestos removal. Our range of asbestos bags includes different models reinforced with a single or double liner.

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Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Bag double-walled (80x120cm)

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per piece from €1.19
Double-walled asbestos bag with internal dimensions of 80x120cm. This results in the hazardous asbestos waste being triple-wrapped in 3 protective layers. Perfect for safe and easy asbestos removal and disposal.This flat bag for asbestos comes with a double liner, which makes is suitable for heavy waste with sharp edges such as roof tiles, occurring...
Asbestos Bags

LDPE Asbestos Rubble Sack - 25kg (80x120cm)

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per piece from €0.61
LDPE asbestos sack 80x120 cm, designed for small quantities of heavy asbestos waste weighing up to 25 kilograms. Made of resistant and tear-proof LDPE fabric. An asbestos bag was designed following EU-legislation. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe.
Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Flat Bag with liner - 30kg (80x120cm)

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per piece from €0.85
Asbestos flat bag, equipped with a simple liner. This asbestos bag with internal dimensions of 80x120 is designed for small quantities of heavy asbestos waste. Resistant and tearproof, equipped with an 80mµ liner. Asbestos bag according to EU-legislation.
Rubble Sacks

Heavy Duty Rubble Bag - 100 mµ (70x110cm)

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Heavy-duty rubble bag with inside dimensions of 70x110cm. This rubble bag is made of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) with a fabric density of 100mµ, which makes it extremely tear-proof and ideal for heavy trash with sharp edges. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe. 

Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber that has long been used on construction sites for its insulating characteristics. This product classified as dangerous since 1997 is found in many materials such as pipes, asbestos cement, certain plastic floor coverings, in ceilings and false ceilings, partitions or plates. Today known for its dangerousness, many safety and environmental standards have been put in place for asbestos.

What types of small asbestos bags are available at 123BigBags?

Our small bags for asbestos are designed for the treatment of all types of asbestos waste. Our bags are ideal for small construction sites and bound asbestos residues. Once the asbestos waste has been removed you will need suitable bags. This is where the asbestos bags from 123BigBags will come in handy! Transport small amounts of asbestos debris safely with our strong asbestos rubble bags. Find here models in woven polypropylene as well as a rubble bag for asbestos in transparent polyethylene. All our items are reinforced with a liner or even two for our most resistant models.

Who are these asbestos bags for?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, asbestos is subject to strict disposal laws. You will find several models in our range of asbestos bags and although they all comply with EU standards, it is best to contact your local authorities before embarking on the disposal of asbestos to ensure that these bags will be accepted by the recycling center. Practical and very resistant, the models below will suit you for asbestos removal in the context of small jobs or construction sites. Do not forget to seal the bags with our asbestos warning tape.

Asbestos removal companies
Many companies approved to carry out asbestos removal are supplied with asbestos bags from our online store. Our high-quality and resistant asbestos bags are ideal for asbestos removal work. Find on our online store a complete range of asbestos bags of all sizes to facilitate the evacuation of asbestos waste.

It is possible to remove asbestos from roofs or bound asbestos yourself. 123BigBags supports individuals who wish to take care of asbestos removal from their house or roof. It is possible to order our bags directly from our online store, with no minimum order. Check with your town hall to find out about their requirements, the systems available and the approved recycling centers where you can deposit your bags of asbestos waste.

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