Bulk Bag Size

In our Webshop you will find diffrent sizes and volumes of big bags. We have in our offer bags from 500kg to 2000kg. Choose your perfect big bag with the right size and order it really easly online. read more
Big Bags

Ton bag with smiley - 1000kg (90x90x90cm)

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per piece from €4.31
Tonne bag with dimensions 90x90x90cm meaning a volume capacity of 0.75m³. Suitable to carry up to 1000kgs of load. Reliable and strong single trip bulk bag for the transport and storage of all your construction materials: sand, top soil, rubble, debris...
Big Bags

Builders Bag - 1m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €5.10
Builders bag 1m3 with standard dimensions of 90x90x110cm. High-quality bulk bag: reliable and strong, suitable to carry up to 1500kgs of load. Standard bulk bag commonly used in the construction industry for the transport and storage of aggregates.
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per piece from €6.02
Big bag with flat base and top skirt. This Bulk bag for 1 cubic meter with a safety work load of 1500kg. Ideal for light to medium-weight building materials. This closeable bag is easy to fill in and will protect its content from the rain and humidity.
Big Bags

Jumbo Bag with smiley - 1500kg (90x90x190cm)

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per piece from €8.57
Jumbo bag 90x90x190cm. Extra large bulk bag with a capacity of 1.75m³. Ideal for up to 1500kg of fine-grained goods such as sawdust, pellets and light trash such as plastic and paper. Ideal for recycling. This model comes printed with our smiley logo.
Big Bags

Cross Corner Loop Bag - 1m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €4.50
Standard Big bag 90x90x110cm equipped with cross corner loops. Its thick polypropylene fabric guarantees a safe working load of 1,5 ton. Perfect bag for frequent and easy handling by forklifts.
Big Bags

Vented log bag - 1 m³ (90x90x110cm)

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per piece from €6.41
Vented log bag 1m3 in the dimensions of 90x90x110. Equipped with 4 standard loops for easy handling. Store and transport up to 1,5T of logs with our log bags. Firewood bags with ventilated fabric to allow your firewood to dry while stored or transported. 
Big Bags

Mineral Wool Bag - 500kg (140x140x120cm)

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per piece from €7.59
Large mineral wool bag (rock wool, glass wool...), especially designed for mineral wool waste. Avoid breathing in of cancer-causing mineral fibers originating from fiber dust and dispose of your fiber waste in our mineral wool bags. Mineral wool bags at 123BigBags are dust-proof thanks to coated fabric and come with a top skirt. Extra large mineral wool...
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per piece from €7.99
Heavy duty big bag with internal sizes of 90x90x110cm and a capacity of 1.0 cubic metres. The ideal bag for heavy stones, bricks and building materials with sharp edges, weighting up to 2,000kgs. Made of extra thick 230gr/m² woven polypropylene fabric, ultra resistant and tear-proof heavy duty big bag. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout...
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per piece from €4.15
Heavy duty Mini Big Bag 65x65x65cm. This bag is highly resistant which makes it ideal for small quantities of sharp stones, bricks and other heavy building materials. Handling made easy thanks to it´s cross corner loops.
Big Bags

Tonne bag with smiley - 1000 kg (80x80x80cm)

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per piece from €3.08
Tonne bag with a capacity of 0.6 cubic mtrs. Ideal for up to 1000kgs of building material. Bulk bag with internal sizes of 80x80x80cm. A strong and reliable single trip bulk bag made for the building industry. Available from stock, quick delivery throughout Europe. Choose between unprinted and printed bulks. Receive an instant price for bulk bags with...
Big Bags

Mosquito Vented Log Bag - (90x90x90cm)

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per piece from €6.87
Mosquito Vented Log Bag in the dimensions of 90x90x90. Vented log bag made with sides mosquito net fabric and two sides vented fabric. Log sacks ideal for up to 1Ton of logs and firewood. Firewood bags equipped with four standard loops for easy handling. 

Volume of a Bulk Bag

sand gravel pebbles bagsA bulk bag offers an endless amount of opportunities for its utility. Due to the variety of material types used in the construction industry, bulk bags have to be specifically designed for either fine, sharp, heavy, or light materials that range in mass, texture or dryness. Because of these variables, the thickness of fabric for a bulk bag appropriate for sand will differ from one meant for wood, meaning that the maximum load will also change. What remains the same for all of our bags? That each detail has been carefully thought out to meet your bulk bag needs!

What kind of material do you wish to transport in a bulk bag?

  • Sand and/or gravel up to 1500 kg
  • Rocks, stones, or rubble up to 2000 kg
  • Soil up to 1000 kg
  • Mineral wool or other materials in small quantity up to 500 kg
  • 1 or more steres of firewood

Big Bag, Small Volume

Especially amongst our DIY customers, the smaller bulk bags have become increasingly popular for everyday uses. For example, these bags make great use as garden bags for green waste. For our business customers, they are popular for projects involving soil, sand and gravel. Contact our team without hesitation for more information

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